Karma leaderboard in New South Wales and ACT of climbers


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Rank Climber Karma
1 Brendan Heywood 99,709points
2 79,040points
3 72,168points
4 Neil Monteith 66,314points
5 53,934points
6 Tim Haasnoot 53,374points
7 51,243points
8 Vanessa Wills 43,433points
9 42,386points
10 Kyle Dunsire 41,695points
11 40,062points
12 Todd Free 37,298points
13 Ben Jenga 34,264points
14 Mark Ashmore 32,669points
15 Stephen Hawkshaw 27,995points
16 rod 27,301points
17 Ranger Dave 25,762points
18 Brian Cork 25,671points
19 John Lattanzio 24,143points
20 22,376points
21 Alex Rogers 18,178points
22 15,139points
23 Daniel da Silva 14,345points
24 Paul Thomson 12,999points
25 Chris Wallace 12,903points

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