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Mimosa Rocks National Park

Coastal boulders and short cliffs. Rock quality is variable

Bunga Head

Walk north along the cobbled beaches from the campground, after a few headlands you'll find a few rocks that are actually worth looking at

Bunga Head
V2 to V3 Candlestick

Up the south face of the Candlestick

VB Jack Be Quick

Up the candlestick the easy way

Bengunnu Point

Walk north from the picnic point campground. After the second beach the cliffs appear. Some rock is friable, and care should be taken

Bengunnu Point
Cave area
Bengunnu Point Cave area
V0 Hesitation

Up the weakness to the cave platform. Watch out for waves and spray, and the odd frail rock

Left project

Up the weakness above the cave to the left. The direct start a few meters left looks even easier

Right project

up the crack at the right end of the cave, looks easy, but high enough to require pads

Showing all 9 nodes.