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Area dominated by some 6-7 metre high tombstone-looking boulders, with a few terrifying and lovely highballs.

Access issues inherited from Radar Range

This crag is on private property owned by the Harden Council. The Council has been approached and has advised that anyone entering this area does so completely at their own risk - you break it, you're on your own. There are a number of land users, including people who walk and ride up the hill, and nearby farming land as well as the Air Services Australia owned radar at the top of the hill.

Please be sensitive to potential issues and don't make noise that's going to arouse interest (you will be heard for a long distance). Don't expect to always be alone. Please note the ethics - they are there for good reasons and it's all about keeping this crag open, not styles of climbing.

Do not approach the radar array please. For any reason. Be sure to close the gate. Every time. Don't expect someone to close it behind you, you may let some cattle in or out in the meanwhile. Please stay away from the very obviously fenced farmer's land. There's enough boulders to climb without venturing over there.

Ethic inherited from Radar Range

NO BOLTING AT ALL - not even for setting up top ropes or cleaning, thanks. Use some gear or sling a nearby boulder.

NO CHIPPING OR COMFORTISING - there are WAY MORE than enough problems here! However, please do make the effort to clean off flakes that are likely to go, and moss.

KEEP THE BOULDERS CLEAN - this means removing tick marks and cleaning off excess chalk if need be. Vinegar is great for removing chalk and the granite won't be affected if you need to give something a scrub.

Finally, please follow the naming conventions. Climbs have been named in a satirical fashion. If you make a first ascent - and there's every likelihood you will, given the massive boulder field - then go ahead and have a go at something that amuses or annoys you. Do not number your climb. Give it a frickin' name. Feel free to explain what the name means in the description.

Variants and eliminates welcome. It is bouldering, after all.


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Grade Route

A shorter warm-up for the area, head straight up the off-widthy crack to a low topout.

FA: Constantine Carluen, 21 Apr 2012

The most obvious line that strikes you as you make your way up to the boulders. This line takes the incipient seam with insecure crack holds and the arete upwards (using the crack/boulder to the left if you need to). And it's overhung too. Very tensiony, technical but not too powerful moves for the grade.

Very nearly saw a FA on the first visit to it, but Bruno had a brainfreeze. Grade varies depending on how you approach it. The further you go out left with your body and the more you use the arete, the easier it gets. The purest line sent so far uses two holds on the arete, two sections of the seam and tops out direct with feet on the front of the boulder. It's possible there's a much harder climb for someone with finger(nail)s of steel using just the seam.

FA: Constantine Carluen, 21 Apr 2012

FA: David Nott, 11 Aug 2012

Up the right hand side of the boulder through 'HIV??' and then traverse left on slopers with good spotters to finish up 'Deep Freeze'. In true internet tradition, someone flapped in and crapped all over this one!

FA: Roscoe2, 25 Apr 2013

A reasonably difficult leftways-leaning crack that won't take jams all the way. Hard start, quite technical. Difficulty depends on whether you can manage a high step for the first move. Otherwise the feet are atrocious!

FA: Ian Phillips, 19 Aug 2012

Crack gets the majority of the run-off after rain so it'll probably need gardening if you want to jump on this. Hard moves up an insecure crack. Top currently needs a bit of cleaning up.

FA: Tyron Ahern, 1 Sep 2012

I looked, and behold, a pale rock. Straddled upon it...

Compression moves up a blunt arete to top out at jugs over a very airy landing. This one is an absolute cracker - requires great body tension, technical moves on tenuous holds and good concentration, not to mention good skin! The full line will involve some very heady moves, particularly if done 'pure' without the assistance of the boulder to the left.

There was some question before it was attempted whether it would even be possible given the apparent spacing of the holds. It definitely goes, but it sure ain't easy.

FA: David Nott, 1 Oct 2012

An unfortunate chimney start owing to a lack of holds bar two well-spaced pockets that won't get you anywhere. From there, a traverse across the face on a rail will get you to safety. It's not the lowest climb around though... A few deep breaths on all counts when this was sent.

FA: Chris Maciejowski, 1 Sep 2012

Straight up the front of the boulder using compression slaps.

The chimney start. Get right inside and go up to the top without using any of the juggy footers around. Actually a bit of a lark.

FA: Tyron Ahern, 1 Sep 2012

A rising traverse of the boulder from the end, out through the roof on the left side of the boulder and up. Might take a bit to clean up properly.

FA: David Nott, 21 Apr 2012

Straight up through the body of the boulder. Bit of a downhill landing.

FA: David Nott, 21 Apr 2012

Very morphological. Grading is honesty based, somewhere between V0 and V3 depending on your size. Sit start under the roof, lock off with your right hand in the crack then chuck a big move out left to a glory jug. Not terribly wonderful, to be honest.

FA: David Nott, 21 Apr 2012

Not wonderful. Enough holds to get up, use it as a warmup. The boulder to the left of the tombstones facing up the hill.

FA: David Nott, 21 Apr 2012

Up from a needless sit start staying right of the crack line and topping out. Stay away from flake to the right, it could break.

FA: Christopher Lean, 25 Apr 2013

Near to the tombstones themselves (up and right when looking up the hill). From a sit start, huck a biiiig move to the top.

FA: Ian Phillips, 19 Aug 2012

On the boulder just to the right of 'I Rolled a 4'. From a sit, head up the arete using the crack to establish yourself.

FA: Ian Carter, 19 Aug 2012

Eliminate - as for 'Crack Fiend' but stick to the arete and avoid the crack.

FA: Ian Carter, 19 Aug 2012

Up through thin feet and hands to a juggy topout.

FA: David Nott, 1 Sep 2012

Start for 'Resouled' then top out right.

FA: Georgia Marjoribanks, 1 Sep 2012

Walk up the boulder.

FA: Georgia Marjoribanks, 1 Sep 2012


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