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This crag does not have any routes listed!

We really need somebody who knows this crag to tell us what sectors, cliffs, boulders and routes that are in this crag- just the names and grades at this stage. You may use our web interface or throw it into an excel spreadsheet and send it to us. You will be attributed and earn lots of Karma points. If you are a publisher then we can use your copyright.

Please contact us if you want to know more or just get on with it.


Rhyolite climbing, with a lovely lake behind to take a dip in. But... It's a quarry.


Yeah, but really, don't swim in the lake unless you want to die. A set of cliffs really, spanning two sides of an old quarry (that's your first clue to quality), with the lovely added ambience of a crashed burnt out car at the bottom to add to the scenery. Enough rock to take a few lines, though unfortunately one side is almost constantly in the shade and has more moss than anyone may have time to remove it! If you want a quick run up a few lines of dubious quality after sampling the "stellar" bouldering nearby, then this is the place.

Access issues

Try and keep your visits discreet please. 1080 poison is used nearby. Try not to ingest plants that have been poisoned, it will make you sick and bodies so ruin the ambience.


You can park right in front of the quarry, through a gate marked with a sign about 1080 poison. Whatever you do, don't try and access the cliff from the top unless you're on a rope, it's dirt all the way to the edge.

Where to stay

Heck, why not hole up at the nearby hotel in Binalong - sure to be a great sleep! You can grab some eats from the Black Swan, which also provides home-style pies.


Bolts must be camouflaged please.


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As with any patch of rock, it's hard to say whether it's been visited before. Certainly efforts towards development haven't been undertaken previously, which is amazing given the obvious quality of the climbing.

This crag doesn't have any sub-areas or routes yet!

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