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In Aug 2014 theCrag community made 22,175 updates and and added 453 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 963points
2 Ranger Dave 166points
3 50points
4 35points
5 Marc Chee 16points
6 Gavin Evans 8points
6 Damien Haines 8points
8 lloyd wishart 7points
8 James B 7points
10 Steve 6points
10 Stephen Hawkshaw 6points
10 Grace Wong 6points
10 Matt Short 6points
14 John Thirlwell 5points
14 Chris Yeomans 5points
14 David Barnes 5points
14 Dave Paine 5points
18 Andrew Collins 4points
18 James Crowther 4points
18 Andrew Morrison 4points
18 Radka 4points
18 Michal Lisa Archer 4points
18 Craig Burgess 4points
24 surfziggy 3points
24 Jim Croft 3points

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