Topo #7301

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 *** Double Demerit

Sit start at the back of the cave, squeeze and compress your way along the spaced out holds to a difficult finish up the flaring crack.

V14 Boulder Unlink route
3 ** Combat Wombat

Start low on a juggy shelf at the left side of the cave. Make a big first move to a block protruding from the roof and follow the obvious line of slopers to the incut finishing jugs.

V11 Boulder Unlink route
4 ** One Of A Kind

Sit start matched on the sharp under clings two meters right of "Combat Wombat". Make some burly moves on bad crimps to join the scoop of "Combat Wombat" finishing up the same line.

V13 Boulder Unlink route
5 * Unknown

Stand start on the sloping lip traversing left to join the jugs on "Combat Wombat". Then finish as for "Combat Wombat".

V5 Boulder Unlink route

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