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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 2 - The Runnel

Obvious runnel on the right of the wall.

V0 Boulder Unlink route
3 3

The seam left of the runnel (which is off!)

V2 Boulder Unlink route
4 4

Starting at the base of the ramp, climb the wall without using the seam. Tricky.

V5 Boulder Unlink route
5 5

Using the only good set of footholds to the left of the ramp use a single finger undercling and reach, reach, reach for an edge. It helps if you're tall.

V5 Boulder Unlink route
6 6

Start at the well-brushed (and poor) sloper with your left hand. Desperately up.

V7 Boulder Unlink route
7 7

Start at the well-brushed (and poor) sloper with your right hand. Desperately up.

V7 Boulder Unlink route
8 8

Start with your left hand in the slot and lunge for the high slopey pocket.

V4 Boulder Unlink route
9 * 9

Start with your right hand in the slot and move up via the slopey pocket just right of the layback crack to a higher slopey pocket.

V5 Boulder Unlink route
10 9. Variant

Holding sloping pocket with L.

V6 Boulder Unlink route
12 *** Corals

The classic left-to-right traverse starting in the layback crack and going all the way to 'The Runnel'

V5 Boulder Unlink route
11 *** Layback Crack

Jam or layback.

V1 Boulder 4m Unlink route
15 ** 12

Hold the obvious round pocket with your left hand and reach up to a sloper and nubin then up.

V5 Boulder Unlink route
16 * 13

Start with right hand on an incut crimp 1/2 left of the layback, left hand on sloper and up.

V2 to V3 Boulder Unlink route
17 * 14

Start on the slopers and bog on up.

V2 Boulder 4m Unlink route
18 15

The arete

V0 Boulder 4m Unlink route
19 ** 16

Starting in the layback flake, traverse left keeping feet low to the arete.

V4 Boulder 4m Unlink route
22 The Lindfield Traverse - 8

The easiest way across is to bridge across the back of the gully and traverse high on the wall. The hard way is to stay low and link Corals with problem #16

V4 Boulder Unlink route

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