Topo #2458

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 *** Pipe Dreams

Eponymous superclassic left-to-right traverse under the roof

V3 Boulder Unlink route
2 *** Upper Pipe Dreams

The high traverse back from the end of 'Pipe Dreams' back to the start. Hands below the top.

V5 Boulder Unlink route
3 ** 3

First of the up problems, from the big sandy footledge move out via two reasonable slots to finish up and right.

V4 Boulder Unlink route
4 * 4

From the central underclings, move to the large break then up via the pocket, or forget the break and dyno from the undercling straight up to the pocket.

V2 Boulder Unlink route
5 ** Big Wednesday

Just left of the two-hand feature in the middle is a good sized undercling. Start here and head out to a small slot above 'pipe dreams'. From here, left to a sloping slot, right hand good pocket, top.

V4 Boulder Unlink route
6 ** Rubble

Low, hard rightwards traverse from the double-handed feature, underclinging over to the crack and up

V8 Boulder Unlink route

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