Topo #2429 - Kung Fu Captin 1

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Easy Up

start just left of the obvious black streak as the wall begins to go vertical Slab style, with some deceptive, flakey holds. Move up and to the left to finish along the shared ledge hold of PFTS and MM. Good for a warm up or cool down.

V1 Boulder 3m Unlink route
2 * Piked From The Start

Inspired by a Pike - 'flying through the air with both legs and arms pointed in one direction" Lay back the first move just left of Easy Up and move straight up to end slightly left along sandy ledge. Fun moves.

V1 Boulder 3m Unlink route
4 ** Monkey Magic

Regardless of whether you have been "born from an egg on a mountain top" You'll no doubt enjoy this problem. Start on the face covered in features, which juts out the most. Move straight up the defined holds to the same sandy ledge that Easy Up and Piked From The Start finish on (right above you). For best Kung Fu practice climb back down in reverse. No using magic clouds...

V2 Boulder 3m Unlink route
5 * Open Project 1

Starting just left of Monkey Magic, on the wall right of the obvious vertical crack line (Fingers Full of Steel), Use the angled crimpers, while avoiding the holds of Monkey Magic and climb up the face, scarce with holds. Finish with both hands on the sandy ledge common to the other climbs

Boulder Project 3m Unlink route
6 Fingers Full of Steel

Start in the Vertical Crack and use it to get up and under the chossy roof. Use the crack all the way for best results.

V1 Boulder 3m Unlink route
7 Open Project 2

Sit start on wall just left of the vertical crack line. Without using the crack move up and under chossy roof. Balance required!

Boulder Project Unlink route
8 *** Bruce Lee

Super fun, challenging climb. Sit start left of vertical drill line, using two gaping holes. Move right and up to finish with your head touching the manky roof. Pivoting, smears, laybacks and slaps makes this a truly intricate, technical climb. If you don't mind Beta - check out this 3 star wonder here -

V4 Boulder 3m Unlink route

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