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Table of contents

1. Peeking Patch 7 routes in Cliff

All Boulder

Long/Lat: 151.203071, -33.849786


Also known as the perverts wall, this pocketed cliff keeps you partially hidden in the undergrowth. Be prepared for surprise and shock as passersby respond to your shirtless figure grunting on the cliff face. Maybe you'll be so lucky as for them to be young, good looking girls, who didn't call the cops, but instead called you over to drink wine at their picnic (good part of a true story - bad part is that their boy friends soon joined them)

Not suitable for real perverts or people wanting to have a coal BBQ...

If you are going for an Onsite or your first send it is recommended that you climb the Jurassic tree root and give the top out to each problem a clean.


Hit the Life Aquatic Wall, walk left from the last part of the face (with the large cave above) untill the cliff line moves into the garden. Enter and begin your dubious practice! Climbs are from right to left and start just left of the Giant Jurassic Park Vines/Roots.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Project 3

just left of Jurassic tree root.

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 2014

Boulder Project 4m
2 *** Coal Train Blues

After entering the bushes and passing a Jurassic Park like tree root vertically exposed along the wall, this is the first climb you will see.

With a pile of coal at the bottom (the old rusty bbq is in the tree root), this problem follows the iron ledge meandering up the cliff. A fun pumpy climb with good holds, for those who look for them. Once you have ridden the train tracks up to the top try not to grab grass for the top out.

This climb offers the perfect balance of height and holds!

Once on top, remove your harmonic and lament your 13hour days working at the mill...

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 2012

V3Boulder 5m
3 Project 1

Starting just left of Coal Train Blues, use the side pull and undercling to boost up to the angled crimpers. Shares no common holds with CTB.

Boulder Project 5m
4 Project 2

Start with hands on the two obvious crimpers a bit above head height. Move straight up and slightly left. No shared holds with Project 1

Boulder Project 5m
5 *** Pockets of Power

Affectionately called Pockets of Power, this climb will leave you pumped, gazing at the pulsating two fingers on each of your hands!

the first few moves involve some creative thinking - start in front of scoop, using weird undercling and solid ledge, enjoy your way up using the two/three finger pockets piercing the wall. With 3 awesome pockets,a few razor sharp crimpers and a slight overhang this climb with test you. Top out has some good slaps and crimps, but may need some brush work

Down climb via the Jurrasic Tree Root to the right of 'Coal Train Blues'.

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 2012

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 2013

V6Boulder 4m
6 ** Saved By Ents

Start in front of square cutout a bit above head height. Using said cut out and finger cracks, boost up to a slapper. Follow the angled slope, until you can slap the exposed rounded ledge under the over hanging trees and grass. Enjoy the last hold and try and top out without aid from the Ents

If going for the Onsight, clean before you climb

For full grade, finish with both hands on smoothed over ledge. Down climb is best to the left.

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 2012

V3Boulder 4m
7 Tilted Traverse

Start to the right of Pockets of Power using two crimps on the same flake (a bit lower than head height). Move left, into the scoop, using the holds which are all at head height.

Finish standing up to the left of the vertically rectangular cut out (2nd one).

Nice traverse with slight overhang.

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 2012

V1Boulder 6m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
V1 Tilted Traverse Boulder 6m
V3 *** Coal Train Blues Boulder 5m
** Saved By Ents Boulder 4m
V6 *** Pockets of Power Boulder 4m
? Project 1 Boulder Project 5m
Project 2 Boulder Project 5m
Project 3 Boulder Project 4m