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The first boulder you come across with the door leading to somewhere??? Edgar The Elephant was found hanging here on apparently 'rated' gear according to Radka. If Edgar can climb this boulder then so can you. An elephant is suppose to have the ideal memory, pity the first developer for this piece of rock couldn't remember the sequence to her own problem!


Get out of your car, walk down the steps and there you are! Although this area is a Drop Bear free zone you're advised to be cautious of falling elephants.

Ethic inherited from When Crags Collide

When Crags Collide is a bolt free environment. Bolting will not be tolerated by the developers and more than likely North Sydney Council as well.

When Crags Collide was developed as pure bouldering for the love of bouldering. The developers want it to remain this way.

It may be tempting to bolt the highballs or even put some sneaky carrots in at the top. The developers did discuss this as an option and decided seeing this is a popular look out, and the base is on a very popular hiking track, that bolts would only detract from the natural beauty of the area that non-climbers come to enjoy.

There's one rusted forgotten bolt at the top of Lindfield With A Water View from several decades ago. This is a mark oh history but if any other bolts are found here they'll be chopped by either the developers or once again, more than likely North Sydney Council.


On a chilly 2013 May afternoon, The Czech Princess Radka and Sir Brendon Flanagan decided that a problem should be established on this lonely looking piece of rock. To Brendons suprise Edgar The Elephant was found hanging in a harness half way up the boulder. "Is that gear rated?" Brendon asked. Radka assured him it was. Not convinced, Brendon saved Edgar The Elephant from a potential fall due to almost certain gear failure. As a form of protest to Brendons actions Radka onsighted the boulders very first problem and promptly forgot how she did it. Not long after this Ranger Dave showed up and once again Ranger Dave Saves The Day by re-sending it, reminding both Radka and Brendon how the problem should be done!

This crag is a product of the great bouldering boom!

Chalk up, climb on and live the dream!


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Grade Route
V2 Do The Edgar Boulder 3m

Start just left of the sandstone wall bordering the green door of mystery. Use the solid hold around head height and go straight up. Tricky moves through the middle to a balancy top out

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 2013

V0 Paper, Scissors..... Boulder 3m

Starting to the immediate right of the sandstone wall and cement outcrop. Head on up but make sure you only use the ROCK!

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 2013

FA: Brendon Flanagan, 2013

V1 The Elephants Memory Boulder 3m

Tricky V1. Think about your foot placement and prepare for the commiting top out. Well worth the effort.

Set by Radka, 2013

FA: Radka, 2013

Sidepull Project Boulder Project

Project of Ranger Dave!

Please respect the developers and steer clear of this one till its done

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 2013

V1 He'd Climbed In Italy Boulder 3m

Starts on the far right of ETE and next to an access track. This problem comes with a fun dyno, some trusting foot work and possibly an Italian commentator.

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 2013

FA: Brendon Flanagan, 2013