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Who knew there was some slab bouldering right on the harbour!? Whether or not you love friction and tiny crimps, this is one spot worth checking out especially for "Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man" V4 *


As the old saying goes "Friends don't let friends climb slab". Wrong! Slab is amazing to climb on and with only one other slab bouldering crag in Sydney (Pearl Bay) this crag will certainly rival it!

Whether you want the balancing pinches and smears of "The First Cuts The Deepest" or some serious core strength and laybacking in "Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man", Harbour Side Slabs can give you a satisfying experience!

Once an old quarry the rock is reasonable quality as long as it has traffic.

Access issues

All Climbs are open with no access problems (just inquisitive locals).


Driving down Kurraba Rd it becomes one way (a giant loop). After Baden Rd head off to the left and park by the lookout that faces towards the Harbour.

Walk to the left of where you parked, down the gravel/tar path towards the water.

With the water on your left and a cliff line developing on your right you'll come to slab city before you know it.

All routes are described from right to left facing the cliff line.


Developed in June 2013 by Ranger Dave.

After this location was spotted from across the cove, Ranger Dave couldn't resist hunting down these cliffs for some goodies!

The first documented climbs here were done on a drizzly day equipped with Steel Cap Boots - true to the history of this Sandstone Quarry!

Cleaned, gardened and sent by Ranger Dave and Brendon Flanagan.

This crag is a product of the Great Bouldering Boom!


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Thrupp's Wall Boulder

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