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Grade Route
V2 A? Boulder 3m
V0- B? Boulder 3m
V1 * C? Boulder 4m
V1 D? Boulder 4m
V4 * Leap of Faith Boulder 4m

Off undercling to the two slopers then a leap of faith to the ledge.

FA: Adam Griffiths

V2 * E? Boulder 4m
V3 * F? Boulder
V1 G? Boulder 3m
V0 Sneakers Boulder 3m
V3 R * Pump Action Boulder 4m

Start in the big pocket and dyno to top of arete to jug. Then carefully up ramp.

FA: Tim O'Neill


Start El Kooko and dyno up left around the corner to the starting jug of Pump Action. Finish as for Pump Action.

FA: Paul Westwood?

V9 R ** El Kooko Boulder

Start low and lunge to starting pockets of Ascension Day, finishing up and left as for Ascension Day. Knock it down a grade if you exit via jugs.

Start: Sit

FA: Paul Westwood

V6 R * Ascension Day Boulder

Start on pockets (use a cheat stone if you have to) then tough around bulge skipping the jugs out right.

FA: Matt Wilder

V5 *** Sloper-Dan Milosevic Boulder 5m

Start low and move through beautiful slopers to roof and finish up jugs. The best problem in the Balkans?

Start: Sit

FA: Rob Saunders

V7 ** Sloper Dan Low Boulder 4m

Start as for El Kooko and move right to finish up Sloper-Dan Milosevic.


The original problem, hardly done anymore. Link the start of 'Sloper-Dan Milosevic' into 'Ascension Day', exiting to the left of the horn. (Jugs are off).

V7 ** Boogie Knights Boulder 5m

As 'Boogie Knights (Original)', but exiting right of the horn via jugs as on 'Sloper-Dan Milosevic'. Significantly easier finish than the original.

Start: Sit

FA: Matt Wilder


Boogie Knights starting as for El Kooko. Knock a grade off if you exit via the jugs.

V8 ** Low Down Boogie Boulder 5m

"Low Down Boogie (Eliminate)" with the Sloper-Dan finish.

V4 R * Shell Shocked Boulder 3m

Mantle into left undercling then all the way to the rail then over.

FA: Tim O'Neill


Not worth the extra effort!

Start: Sit

FA: Tim O'Neill


Sit start below Akhtar on the obvious slot and climb only the low lip left into El Kooko.

FA: Fab, 2014

V10 Chest Rockwell Boulder

Sit start below Akhtar on the obvious slot and climb only the low lip left into Boogie Knights original finish. Knock a grade off for the variant finish.

FA: Pat Reynolds


Chest Rockwell lip traverse with Sloper-Dan Milosevic finish.


Start Sloper-Dan and climb to jugs just left of tree, up to crimps & dead point to slopey rail to finish out left. Probably a grade easier if you move a bit left into undercling & climb as for Shell Shocked.

FA: Damien Alexander, 2015


Start as for Chest Rockwell & finish with Captain Courageous.

FA: Damien Alexander, 2015

V5 * Akhtar Boulder

You have to go really fast for this one, like the Pakistani bowler! Stand start and mantle to left crimp and leap to top, then over.

FA: Tim O'Neill

V6 * Shoaib Akhtar Boulder

Not worth the extra effort!

Start: Sit

FA: Tim O'Neill

V4 * Snakebite Boulder 3m

Pinch the plate, paste your feet and reach around bulge to crimp to join I10.

FA: Matt Wilder

V3 * Johnny Dawes' Problem Boulder 3m

Jump start to jug then over.

FA: Adam Griffiths

V2 ** Diplomatic Solution Boulder 3m

There is lots of sitting on your arse for this one! Sit down for the first jug, then up, have a seat for the next move, up again and over … sterling!

Start: Sit

FA: Tim O'Neill

V5 * I Am Twelve Boulder

Dyno from the start of Diplomatic Immunity to the top of I Am Twelve.

FA: Joe Hodgson, 2011

V4 ** Diplomatic Immunity Boulder 3m

Start low on jugs then into the seam, contort yourself (unless short) then up and left to the finishing jug.

Start: Sit

FA: Rob Saunders

V6 ** Flubdub Boulder

Long move to the shallow left pocket then to jug and over.

FA: Pete Balint

V6 Neil's V6 Boulder 4m

Start as for Flubdub and The Invisible Gherka. Head straight up inbetween the 2 problems via some micro crimps. "V6" from Neil... Big pinch of salt...

FA: Neil Wallace


Up via sharp crimps to a tiny pocket and over.

FA: Rob Saunders


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