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South facing crag with big view and mixed rock.

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More exposed, windy, trad, broken and with fewer belays and further away than the Southwest, so far less popular.

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Access issues

As a result of the 2013 bushfire, there are no usable top tree or bush belays in 2017 and there will not be for several years. Inspect all climbs for natural anchors and rusty carrots. Beware eroding tracks, thick regrowth vegetation, burnt bushes and rock damaged by fire.

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Metered parking $20/day at Governor Phillip Park and north of Palm Beach. Walk to the lighthouse via the main Barrenjoey or Smugglers tracks, then east along the top of the Barrenjoey headland past the grave. Shortly before the monument / plinth, turn right (south) and descend line of watercourse toward large blocks to arrive west of "Roast Possum". To reach the far west end of the cliff, bush bash and scramble down through the old lighthouse garbage dump. It can't get worse.

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Mixed - trad and mostly rusty carrots.

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View timeline of historical ascents

No doubt first climbed in the dark ages, and later described in the 1991 Sydney and the Sea Cliffs guide (from which "quotes" below are taken) there are several unknown, undescribed or renamed climbs of uncertain provenance.

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Some content has been provided under license from: © Australian Climbing Association Queensland (Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike 2.5 AU)


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Grade Route
7 Stove Leg Crack Trad 5m

Off-width boulder problem.

8 Concise Crack Trad 6m

Boulder Problem.

Start: Slab, then corner-crack.

17 Thirteen Hex Trad 13m

Strenuous. Cam anchors.

Start: Overhung corner left of 'Warp Factor Two'.

18 * Warp Factor Two Trad 17m

"A very enjoyable excursion indeed." Up orange wall right of "Concise Crack" to stand on two blocks wedged in recess. Crack to overhang and up.

Start: Right of CC.

17 Shrubberies Trad 17m

"Quite steep". Pass two breaks and walk 5m left to bollard.

Start: Orange wall below large overhangin off-width left of 'Oggindeli'.

15 Oggindeli Trad 6m

"Veterinary delight." 2.5 cam and bolt belay.

Start: Short wall 4m left of TTP.

19 Tartan Tomato Plant Unknown 15m, 2

Nice sustained moves. Strenuously up wall past 2 BRs to easier ground and BB.

Start: about 40m left of "Once in a Lifetime"

23 Unknown Rings Sport 18m, 5

The line of ring bolts. Grade is a total guess, will confirm later. There's two rings to rap in from on a slightly lower rock platform, this is above the big arete - look for the water streak.

23 ** Once in a Lifetime Trad 15m

Well-respected problem with some thin moves near the top. Craig Martin took a 10m ground-fall attempting the first ascent (without BRs). Silly man! Up finger crack to small recess (1.5 cam) then up wall past (now horribly rusty) 2 BRs.

Start: On prominent arete near large boulders.

18 SID's Supremacy Trad 4m

Overhang problem; second pitch of "Once in a Lifetime".

14 Frog's Anus Trad 10m

"Not bad if dry." Belay at top from cams.

Start: Crack in corner with large boulder at base.

19 Paw Antics Trad 12m, 2

"Some interesting moves-and falls, eh, Animal? Grabee rap rope burnee widdle paws."

Start: Wall left of "Frog's Anus".

  1. 12m (19) Past small break (cam) and flared crack (small wire) to BB.
12 Zany Wall Trad 19m, 2

Fairly pleasant jaunt.

Start: 3m right of "Frog's Anus".

  1. 19m (12) Up wall to cave, over lip to ledge.

  2. 9m (12) Walk 4m right, then up corner and slab.


Sustained corner-crack.

Start: 3m right of "Zany Wall".

18 * Babe Trad 20m

"A three-star classic: deduct two stars for the walk in." Up corner to fixed piton runner (still usable??) on left, then crank on past 2 BRs. Mantle and fall up headwall.

Start: Corner right of "Return of the Pink Sausage".

9 Windward Sausage Trad 10m

The arete to slabs. Original description "boulder problem" - no pro?

6 Roomba Revisited Trad 10m

Start: The arete to slabs. Original description "boulder problem" - no pro?

14 ** Roomba Revisited Direct Sport 10m, 2, 3

Original description "boulder problem". Now has 3 stainless carrots that don't quite fit standard bolt plates, prepare wires before ascent.

  1. Place low cam before first bolt, then power up on left side of arete and solid ledges on face. Stainless carrot BB on edge of prow, and another further back shared with "Quarto".

  2. Finish up "Quarto".

Start: Bulge 2m left of "Quarto"

16 A Clean Break Mixed 5m, 2, 1

"Good, clean fun"?

  1. (5m) Rusty carrot on rather blank headwall above cracks if you dare. Stainless carrot and thread belay on top of block.

  2. Finish up "Quarto".

Start: Cracks left of 'Quarto Direct'.

15 Quarto Direct Trad 20m, 2

Balancy. Delicately up slab then as for 'Quarto'.

Start: 2m left of 'Quarto'

10 Quarto Trad 20m, 2
  1. (5m) Up slab to ledge. Stainless carrot and thread belay on top of block.

  2. (15m, grade 4) Scramble off up shallow corner above.

Start: 40m right of ZW.

18 * Space Vampires Sport 15m, 4

"Excellent. Rock and moves are all good" Carrots are now rusted. Clip BR under lip of large yellow overhang. Out and over past BR to small foot ledge. Diagonally left past 2 more BRs to DBB.

Start: 5m right of 'Quarto'.

14 Eulogy Unknown 22m

"Looks hard, luckily it's just airy."

Up corner to top of block under roof. Traverse right above void and up right wall above roof cracks on good jugs.

Start: Corner 5m right of "Same as it Ever Was"

22 * Same as it Ever Was Unknown 15m

Crank up on small rounded holds and the rounded edge of the arete past 2 BRs to DBB.

Start: The very attractive orange arete right of "Eulogy".

22 * Systems of Romance Unknown 15m

"Excellent". 2017 inspection reveals huge block fallen off base so getting started may be harder than it once was.

Pull strenuously onto wall and up to BR. Delicately up to another BR then thin climbing to DBB. Start: Wall 2m right of "Same As It Ever Was".

23 * Joker Hysterical Face Unknown 15m

"Extreme, yet worthwhile". Crank strenuously onto wall, clip BR in extremis and stand up. Thin moves left to rest and BR. Technical-cum-desperate moves past BR then just hard climbing past 2 BRs. Cam anchor. Start: 10m right of " Systems of Romance"

18 ** Peregrine Point Top rope 8m

Hard moves off the ground to ironstone rim and past the rounded flake, then more easily up slab above. No pro. Thread and block belay.

Start: on left end of slab 5m right of "Joker Hysterical Face" .

FA: Graham Dowden & Angus M, 2017


Old school slab with old school pro: cams only in 10-25mm break at 4m, thereafter nothing but more easily to top. Thread and block belay.

Start: Slab 10 right of "Joker Hysterical Face" on edge of walkdown gully.

FA: Graham Dowden & Angus M, 2017

Descent gully here.

13 * PEE Trad 8m

Unknown route marked PEE. A short finger-crack corner, horizontal ledge, then over the roof crack to give it the grade. Thread and cam belay.

Start: Corner crack 5m left of "Roast Possum"

UTB Trad 8m

Unknown route marked UTB. Looks like a short thin slab then either walk off left, or crank over desperate roof, with no pro to boot. Start: Base of slab 2m right of "PEE"

13 Roast Possum Unknown 4m

"The broken crack; a boulder problem". Looks more like a broken vegetated corner.

16 Defiant Deflaration Unknown 11m

"Obscure, yet pleasing" The hard looking flake/crack. Up as you will and rap off or hand traverse left to join "Roast Possum".

Beware the collapsing pile of pure orange honeycomb mid-climb. Start: 7m right of "Roast Possum"

Ground at base of cliff steepens and drops away east of here. Take care.

20 * Ode to an Orange / LFR Unknown 15m

"First in a series of overhanging crack starts." Start: Crack and slab 10m right of "Defiant Deflaration"

Marked "LFR" and with blocks fallen off the bottom, no longer 17 as in original description. Pull up or campus to the break then up the easier angled crack and slab. Seems to have been repossessed or relabelled.

18 Stick It Unknown 15m

Start: 3m right of "Ode to an Orange". Harder than it looks. Crack etc.

17 * Same Reality Sport 15m

Up wall 2m left of chimney to BR, then with more difficulty to overhanging blocks. 4 BRs in all to DBB.

24 Plenty Enough Sport 15m

Up 1m left of chimney. 4 BRs.

8 Freck's Effort Unknown 10m

"The chimney; a boulder problem" No pro?

18 * The Holy Hour Unknown 15m

"Pleasant and well protected." Up seam and wall past 3 BRs and a break to cam belay.

Start: Right of "Freck's Effort" on far right of cliff.

Two of three corners east of "The Holy Hour" wall is a bottomless arete with a boulder perched on top. Rap to ledge from BB behind boulder. Access from lighthouse east along top of headland.


Up just left of corner. 3 BRs to BB on left.

20 * Mirth Muscle Sport 12m

Traverse left from start of "Benji the Upholstered Rat" to flake system. Up to third BR then right to BB on face, or up easy slab.

21 * Head Muscle Unknown 15m

Traverse left from start of "Benji the Upholstered Rat" past 2 fixed hangers, then up to third. Up left side of arete past BR to BB.

20 ** Horse Latitude Unknown 15m

A fine climb with some great moves, take small wires. Move up 3m right of "The Holy Hour" to bolt runner under roof. Pull up on jugs into crack. Balancy moves up seam past 2 BRs to rests, then left and up.


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