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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Far Left Wing
15 Nicks and Nooks
Trad 25m
20 Slaps and Shrieks
Trad 25m
19 Gropes and Gasps
Trad 25m
15 Bulges and Bellyflops
Trad 30m
The Cave
13 Graunch
13 Boulder Problem
19 The Hindley Hustle
Trad 20m
21 Uptown Eugene
Trad 20m
23 Uptown Eugene RHV
Trad 20m
24 Gawler Bypass
24 Hyperspace Bypass

Space to Rent to under the roof then break left and finish up Gawler Bypass. Originally done on trad.

Trad 20m
21 Grurper LHV

Up between Anzac Highway Amble and Grurper DS to a groove. Escape up R to the Grurper ledge. Features guano, poor rock and marginal protection.

FA: Colin Reece & Chris Shepherd, 1980

Trad 13m
21 Grurper pitch 1

The left-trending trenchline, starting near the base of NTS. Most people place gear along the way. When it joins Crossroads, move up clipping two bolts then step L to the big ledge with the belay biners. NB: this is not Grurper DS which has 3 bolts and climbs directly to the ledge.

FA: Roger Alldritt & John Nitschke, 1972

FFA: Colin Reece & Gary Scott, 1979

Mixed 17m, 2
23 Peregrine Pitch Two

Bear up R, then through a roof and up the wall to a DBB.

The original Peregrine 17M5 had 5 pitches but climbing above the 2nd pitch is off limits.

FA: Stuart Fishwick, Richard Horn & Doug McLean,

FFA: Kim Carrigan, Jon Chester & Greg Moore, 1979

Trad 14m
20/21 Black Dwarf
20 Red Dwarf

Shallow groove between Black Dwarf and Easy Peasy. Solo. Probably been TR'd before.

FA: 2011

Trad 9m
24 Pedestrian Rule
15 AUMC Route
15 AUMC Route DF
22 Trout Fishing in America
23 Endive
14 Somebody Put Something in My Drink

FA: Mark Witham & Stuart Williams , 1988

Trad 12m
The Right Wing
16 Asinine
Trad 35m
19 Continental Drift
Trad 40m
21 Tectonic plates
Trad 25m
21 Karstaways
Trad 40m
17 Bloggs Direct
Trad 31m
19 Subduction Zone
Trad 33m
The Bachelor Pad
13 The Butternuts

This and the following 5 climbs are included for historical purposes only! On the scrappy cliff 50m down R of the bouldering crag. This climb goes straight up the wall about 3m R of the alcove at the L end.

FA: Mark Witham & Paul Badenoch

Trad 11m
16 Road to Ruin

The rising diagonal trench beginning near The Butternuts. Some holds can't be trusted.

FA: Paul Badenoch, 24 Mar 2014

Trad 12m
14 Victoria's Secret

Start 1.5m R of The Butternuts. Up into the short V-groove in the middle of the wall then move R and head for the tombstone up top.

FA: Paul Badenoch & Vicki Kavanagh

Trad 11m
17 No Push No Baby

Start 1.5m R of Victoria's Secret and head up the orange rock. Aim for the hanging slab at the top, passing the slender 'jug of death' at 5m. Take a #0.4 cam. The best climb here!

FA: Paul Badenoch, Vicki Kavanagh & Mark Witham

Trad 11m
16 Near Death Experience

Start 1m L of the vague nose and 1m R of NPNB. Up to the diagonal crack, move R for a large cam then up the brittle wall to a stance. Finish up the small corner on the R. Take a #0.75 cam.

FA: Paul Badenoch & Clare Randall

Trad 11m
15 My Degeneration

An exciting start just R of the vague nose to a small ledge. Continue up (#000 cam) and slightly L to finish as for NDE.

FA: Paul Badenoch, Vicki Kavanagh & Mark Witham

Trad 9m

Showing all 34 routes.