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The cave faces north and is so large that it never actually gets the sun. However, it is notoriously "greasy" outside of winter so add a few grades. The cave is large enough to not get wet in the rain but it does seep occasionally. The rock is sandstone and very few (if any) holds are chipped.

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Refer to map for 'Bomaderry Creek' Crags.Turn into Illaroo Rd off the Princes 'Highway' at North 'Nowra', just north of the Shoalhaven River. Take the 1st right which is Walsh Cres and follow it around until there is a bush reserve on your right. Park here and follow the track downhill for 30m. This is 'Mortein Wall', follow the track down past the cliff and turn right until you reach a huge cave with a big horizontal roof about 10m up. This is it. The bouldering gets harder the further left you go ...

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Ethic inherited from Illawarra

Lots of bolts in this region. Most development has been done after the 1980s.

Some content has been provided under license from: © Australian Climbing Association Queensland (Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike 2.5 AU)


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Grade Route
V7 ** Highlander Boulder 6m

Highball at far left end of Lot 33. Tops out to Lot 34. Stand start on 2 edges, move up into roof and committingly top out around the bulge.

FA: Paul Westwood, 2001

V7 ** There Can Be Only One Boulder 6m

Far left bolted line on the face. Only been climbed on rope. Not yet highballed.

Set by Paul Westwood

FA: Chris Webb-Parsons

V3 ** 60's Spiderman Boulder 3m

Sit start at the rail, big mantle up to the sloper. Then move up to finish with a big move to the hueco. The corner is often full of cobwebs but this is well worth quickly brushing them away.

FA: Jack Folkes, 2014

V3 * Corporate Takeover Boulder 3m

Crimpy stand start, up on crimps and sharp undercut to top at flake and dirty edge (no match).

FA: Jack Folkes, 2013

V2 5 Flappers Boulder 3m

Stand start as for Corporate Takeover. Move up and right to top at decent edges.

FA: Jack Folkes, 2015

V9 *** Joe, Joe Dynamo Boulder 3m

A big jump from a huge jug to another huge jug - the business is controlling the swing! The landing is a bit dodgy so pad it out and have a spotter.

FA: Joe Hodgson, 2000

V14 ** Worm Boulder 4m

Start under the roof with 2 undercuts (RH on pebble), move out to the lip and then traverse left and finish up "Joe, Joe Dynamo".

FA: Chris Webb-Parsons, 2006

Hard Project BoulderProject

Very crimpy, very hard looking project from the start of "Worm" straight up into the scoop. Old Paul Westwood project.

Harder Project BoulderProject

Start of "Worm" right into "Pissy Missy".

V9 ** Pissy Missy Boulder 4m

Start matched on a good hold, go RH to sidepull, some funky footwork and then LH up to jug in roof. Up to the pocket and same move again to finish.

FA: Paul Westwood, 2000

Roof Project BoulderProject 6m

Link from the start of "56ft Back" and "Fed Ex" left along the low roof overlap and into "Pissy Missy". Looks in the range of V12-V13.

V7 ** 56ft Back Boulder 5m

Low sit start at the back of the roof, big moves out following the break in the roof.

V11 Fed Ex Boulder 5m

Links into 'Special Delivery'.

Project BoulderProject

The lower link up into "Special Delivery". Worked for some time by CWP who thought it would be V14.

V12 *** Special Delivery Boulder 5m

This problem goes out the steepest part of the roof. Start matched low on the horizontal rail then out to the LH gaston and then up to the RH 3 finger pocket. A big throw to the LH undercling pocket then up some good holds to a powerful finish at the big hueco.

FA: Paul Westwood, 2000

V6 ** Sexy Rexy Boulder 4m

Sit start on the overhanging flake. Move up the good holds then out right to the hueco and finish with the big move. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!


Sit start on the flake. Move right via undercut to the big moves fridge hugging up to top. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

V9 Sexy Nuggets Boulder 8m

Start at Sexy Rexy traverses right all the way to finish up Nappy Nuggets. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

FA: Pete Tosen, 2010

V6 ** Sexy Esky Boulder 3m

Sit/crouch start on big undercling. Big move out left to fridge hug your way up to the pocket then usual finish at the jug. Ledge on the ground is NOT in.

FA: Jack Folkes, 2013

V7 * The Seven Boulder 3m

Sit start on big jug, move straight up via a tough jump to the hueco then to top. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

V11 ** Bread Boulder 4m

Starting at 'Nappy Nuggets' trending left.Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

FA: Chris Webb, 2004

V8 ** Nappy Nuggets Boulder 4m

Diagonally up the wall to a tricky gaston move to finish. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

FA: George Fieg, 2000


Start as for Nappy Nuggets but keep climbing right following line of holds right then back left to rejoin. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

V6 * Unknown Nuggets Boulder 5m

Start as for Unknown and finish as for Nappy Nuggets Traverse.

V4 ** Unknown Boulder 4m

Sit start on the big jug. Move right via crimps to the rail, then big move to the huecos. Move upward to finish.

FA: Unknown, 2000

V4 ** The Dyno Boulder 3m

Dyno from the 2 huecos to the jug.

V4 * Indirectly Unknown Boulder 4m

Variant to Unknown. From the huecos, move RH to pocket and LH to good edge, nice move to jug and top.

V5 * Unknowingly Indirect Boulder 4m

Variation/link up. Start as for Unknown. From the huecos, move right through pockets to jug on The Crotty, then back up and left to jug and finish.

V9 * The Crotty Boulder 5m

Hard first and last move with a big throw from the underclings to finish.

FA: Toni Lamprecht, 1999

V10 Crotty Pumper Boulder 4m

Start as for ‘The Crotty’ and finish as for ‘I Want To Be A Pumper’.

V10 ** Stargate Boulder 4m

Harder start than the previous problem but the same big throw to finish.

FA: Rob LeBreton, 2000

V10 ** Stargate Pumper Boulder 5m

Links 'Stargate' into 'I Want To Be A Pumper'.

FA: Chris Webb, 2004

V11 Klockwork Orange Boulder 4m

More consistent start into the finish of the next problem. Upgraded from V9 following the broken starting hold.

FA: Toni Lamprecht, 1999

FA: Paul Punk Westwood, 2000

V11 Klockwork Gate Boulder 4m

Start as for ‘Klockwork Orange’ and finish as for ‘Stargate’.

V10 ** I Want To Be A Gate Boulder 5m

Links 'I Want To Be A Pumper' into the finish of 'The Crotty'.

V9 *** I Want To Be A Pumper Boulder 4m

Stand start on 2 crimps for a big RH throw to a sloping hold. Then LH out left to sharp hold and again a big move with the RH around the bulge to finish.

FA: Joe Hodgson, 2000

V9 * Scrawny & Horny Boulder 4m

Starts right where the blue Lot 33 graffitti is. Awkward start to gain the sidepull/undercling with your RH. Then a long move LH to a shallow pinch, cross over with your RH to a pocket. Then up to the sharp LH crimp and a throw to the jug to finish. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

FA: Paul Westwood, 2000

V7 ** NSK Boulder 4m

Sit start at rail and head right for some funky throws with big holds. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

V6 ** Un-named V6 Boulder 4m

Sit start on flake move up via sharp holds down low to tough moves up top. Ledge on the ground is NOT in!

FA: Paul Westwood, 2000

V3 Yellow River Boulder 6m

Obvious juggy warm up traverse with some crimps, starting as 'Un-named V6' and right to the start of 'XD'. V2-3 or solid V6 start for 'XD'?


Stand start and straight up.

V4 Juice Boulder 4m

Stand start on the lowest rail. Move up and traverse left to finish as for "No Discernible Graffiti".

V5 * XD Boulder

Stand start and up via tough moves.

V4 * Big Red One Boulder 4m

Stand start on the jugs. Move right to the big flake then straight up. Slopey top, tough when warm!

V4 * Slopey Traverse Boulder 3m

Stand start on the jugs. Traverse right on the slopey break. Hardest V4 in the world... Can be done either direction.


Stand start on Slopey Traverse and head straight up via pebbles and small sidepulls. Thin. V7+ maybe?

V1 ** Two Big Moves Boulder 4m

Stand start on the ledge. 2 big moves straight up.

V3 * Burning Moves Boulder 4m

Start at the ledge for Burnt. Move up to the crimps then left to the middle hold of Two Big Moves. Finish as for TBM.

FA: Jack Folkes, 2014

V4 ** Burnt Boulder 4m

Stand start the ledge. Straight up via slopey crimps.

V3 Project 2 Nowhere Boulder 3m

Sit/crouch start and straight up via a tough move near the top.

V5 Harder Than You Think Boulder 4m

Start as for 'Project 2 Nowhere'. Move right via pockets to an airy finish. Bad landing, pads and spotters recommended.

V5 Undercuts I Think Boulder 4m

Sit start and traverse left on the big undercut to join in to the crimps on 'Harder Than You Think'.

V0 * Jugs 2 Ring Boulder 3m

Sit start and up on good holds to finish on the jug.

The next few problems are located on the free-standing block that has fallen from the roof of the cave.

V2 * I'm Old Gregg Boulder 3m

Stand start and climb the hanging arete.

FA: Jack Folkes, 2014

V0+ Familiar Boulder 3m

Undercutting stand start right of arete, move straight up via presses and ledges.

FA: Jack Folkes, 2014

V4 * Swing Boulder 3m

Dyno from shallow jug left to ledge. 165cm

FA: Jack Folkes, 2013

V6 ** Spring Boulder 3m

Dyno from shallow jug straight up to top of ledge. Hard. 196cm

FA: Jack Folkes, 2013

Walk past Rosies to get to the next 2 problems.

V5 ** Apparently They Can Boulder 4m

Stand start at the slot and the slopey break, head up to the flake then dyno high to the pocket. Obviously, shelf to your left is out. 148cm

FA: Jack Folkes, 2016

V3 * Fat Guys Can't Jump Boulder 4m

Start as for Apparently They Can but instead of dynoing, head right via good crimps and finish back at the pocket.

FA: Duncan Brown, 2013


Check out what is happening in Lot 33 Bouldering.