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A single steep orange wall once visited by mysterious bolters who gridded the top with U anchors as well as sparsley placed them down some of the climbs. Some of the anchors were lacking glue but most of them are fine. The bolts over the top should be ignored as there are now double rings on the tops of most climbs.

Useful Info: 'Access' the cliff by walking to the edge and walking right facing out for about thirty meters. Look for a slot chimney with green rungs in it.

© (nmonteith)


From intersection of Albatross Rd and Yalwal Rd in Nowra, follow Yalwal Rd for 10km west (past turn-off to Thompsons Point). The road passes a small lake and heads down a twisty mountain road into a small valley. At the 10km point, just after a small bridge, take the Yalwal signposted left turn onto the dirt road. Reset your odometer and drive up this dirt road (ok for 2WD) for 4.4km to a large football field sized dirt patch and bogan trash dumping ground on the right side of the road. Drive to far end of dirt patch and park car just right of centre. Follow small dirt road/track for about 100m to cliff top. Walk right align cliff top for 30m to descent gully and green rungs.

© (nmonteith)

Ethic inherited from Illawarra

Lots of bolts in this region. Most development has been done after the 1980s.

Some content has been provided under license from: © Australian Climbing Association Queensland (Creative Commons, Attribution, Share-Alike 2.5 AU)


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Grade Route
23 ** Puke Skywalker Sport 15m

Great climbing with a low down crux and good rock. May the force be with you.

Start: When you walk out of the bottom of the access slot this is the first route on the main wall.

FA: G Hill, 2007


The first of the mystery routes on spectacular orange bulgy rock. (Very) annoyingly appears to be a rap-in to hanging belay and climb out route. Not sure if this has actually been climbed, or even attempted. Maybe 26ish??

Set by Aliens, 2000


Amazing central orange streak that looks like one of the most impressive routes at Nowra (seriously). Crazily, this may never have actually been done. Why doesn't anybody want to go and climb it give it a grade and some closure in its life?

Set by Aliens, 2000


When the Alien's bolted this baby they wanted you to find some balls, squeeze them together and go for it. Maybe these Aliens were British trad dudes? Start right of Aliens Route Two under large hole in rock and slabby pre-wall.

Set by Aliens, 2000

24 ** Romancing The Bone Sport 23m

Pumper route with nails hard start and a crux way up the top. There is an easier alternative and this is to pike at the two closely spaced bolts just before the last crux its hard 23 to this point. You will see the bolts they are pretty obvious lower off anchors disguised as runners.

Start: Up on the ledge about three meters right of Alien's Route Three. In vague corner.

FA: G Hill, 2005

23 ** Trilobutt Sport 18m

Great climb, though you will need to read the rock to get through sections without having to bust your arse cranking some hard stuff.

Start: Under easy blocky arrangement that access the left side of the ledge that runs across the middle of the cliff.

FA: G Hill

22 * Bum-eyed Bumosaurus Sport 18m

This route shares the start off the ledge with two others and follows the left line of bolts.

Start: Shares same start as 'Trilobutt' to the ledge.

FA: G Hill, 2008

22 ** Bionic Barf Bunnies Sport 22m

Top break to break climbing. Not completely bolted by the Aliens who were scared off before they could glue the bolts into the rock. Now sports more rings than a poofters camp.

Start: As for the Bum-eyed Bumosaur though this route is the direct line.

FA: G Hill, 2007

22 ** The Sperminator Sport 18m

Great climbing up a really nice orange streak of hard rock.

Start: Third route in the off the ledge trilogy. This is the right hand one.

FA: G Hill

21 * Trap Buddies Sport 18m

Great climbing break to break. Which translates to OK if you have the reach but can be a little technical if you bum drags close to the ground.

Start: At the right hand side of the ledge are various lines of bolts that you can follow to get to the ledge. Choose one that will limit the rope drag as this climb goes up the left side of the crack.

FA: G Hill


This route goes up right of the crack for pure fun!!?

Start: At one of the lines of bolts that will get you to the ledge.

FA: G Hill

21 * Muscle Thruster Sport 15m

This route was established by the Alien Visitation Crew who stuck bolts in over the top and screwed it up for a lower off. They also had British steel balls and ran it out between bolts so i fixed all that rubbish.

Start: In the corner at the right hand side of the ledge. Same place as the previous two routes.

FA: G Hill

20 * Ball Burner Sport 18m

Another route established by the AVC with no top anchors except the ones way over the top past the crud. Great bit of rock when you get onto it. Top anchors added later for your convienience.

Start: On slab to the right of 'Muscle Thruster'.

FA: G Hill


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