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Apon reaching the bottom of the descent gully turn left (facing out) and walk around the corner under the overhangs where it opens up to 20m walls with another shorter wall at right-angles further ahead. This is the Mullock Heap Area.

Access issues inherited from Lassiter's

No access issue - bolt away!

Ethic inherited from Lassiter's

Sport Climbing Crag


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Grade Route
22 * Fingers Sport 12m, 4

Hard fingery start, but eases off the higher you go. Start just right of 1st bolt.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

17 Knucklehead Sport 15m, 7

Start 3m right of Fingers and just left of the cleft and fern. Climb the left side of the cave then the flake line to top. The bouldery start is over quickly then pleasant climbing to the top.

FA: John Lattanzio, 2011

18 Shoulders on Snowy Sport 16m

Starts 8m right of descent gully, at small waist high tree stump below steep hand crack. Stand on stump to start then take left line of bolts past scoop and up nice juggy headwall.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

18 Dueling Drills Sport 17m

Same steep handcrack start as previous route, then take right line of bolts which trends right up steepish grey shield.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2011

22 ** First World Problem Sport 20m

Jam up the twin cracks then at second bolt take the left line of bolts traversing under roof. Follow lower line of bolts using little edges all the way to join into Dueling Drills. Finish up headwall. Long runners useful to stop rope drag.

FA: Neil monteith, 2011

Project - Open Sport Project 20m

Halfway along left traverse on 'First World Problem' go out bulge via heuco and up steep fingerery grey wall above. Will be 26? Bolted by Neil Monteith who isn't sure he can do the moves.

20 ** Hard Working Hands Sport 18m

 20m right from the descent gully. Twin hand cracks up bulging wall then fantastic traverse right across face under bulging wall then up juggy face above. Superb marbled rock. If you can't jam you might have serious problems getting off the ground.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2011

16 * Shadrach Memorial Sport 20m

The leftmost traverse. Funky last move. Good warm up, and get your belayer to 2nd it to clean.

FA: Jason Lammers & Steve Hawkshaw, 2012

18 The Darkness Sport 17m

Right to left leading line up a big black featured slab. The original route on this wall.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2011

21 ** AeroPress Sport 16m

The middle climb on this wall. As per the Darkness, and then thru crimpy buldge. Best on this wall.

FA: Steve Hawkshaw & Jason Lammers, 2012

20 * Heart of Darkness Sport 13m, 8

Start as for The Darkness. First two bolts of TD then straight up, finishing with a slab.

FA: John Lattanzio, 2011


Up the short wall between the grey and white streaks.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22 Ego Tango Sport 15m, 7

Leftmost route on this wall. Tricky start to a rest, then up via the jugs on the arete.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2012

23 *** Spot Gold Sport 13m, 8

The rather attractive arete on the left side of the orange wall capped with a roof. The middle route on this wall. Thin and technical start leads to sustained awesome jugs.

FA: John Lattanzio, 2011

23 ** A Spot Pumpy Sport 13m, 9

Another link-up. Starts up the great pockets and face holds of Spot Gold then finishes up the steep part of Rumpy Pumpy.

FFA: Ben JengA, 2012

19 ** Goldielynx Sport 14m, 8

Popular and excellent link-up of Rumpy Pumpy into Spot Gold.

FA: John Lattanzio, 2011

23 ** Rumpy Pumpy Sport 14m, 9

Start on the ramp 2m right of Spot Gold. Up the line immediatly left of the cave and through the roof.

FA: John Lattanzio, 2011

12 * Silver Bull Sport 14m, 8

The left hand route on the attractive wall adjacent to the Spot Gold wall. Start off the ramp below the left hand cave. Climb the wall, staying out of the cave for full value. Great climbing on good rock.

FA: Jon Porter, 2011

16 Money Shot Sport 15m, 7

Start at the undercut, hanging arete, 4m right of Silver Bull. After the tricky undercut start, climb the arete, traverse left under the cave and up the steep wall past some dubious but solid rock to anchors.

FA: John Lattanzio, 2011


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