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A massive area with unlimited potential and heaps of Arapiles rock.

Access issues inherited from Tianjara Falls

BOLTING IS BANNED to the left (south) of the lookout and 100m right of the lookout as this is National Park land. Please avoid climbing on the cliff directly under the lookout, not only will you probably get a rock or beer bottle thrown at you from the tourists, you'll also attract unwanted attention from the authorities! Do not build new rock cairns - apparently there is an $11,000 fine if you do.


The best way to get to Indian Head is to look to the right at the lookout and try to pick out the prominent looking feature before you start walking. It is approximately 2km away from the waterfall and will take about 15-20mins walking to reach the top gully.

Walk along the top, past the three gullys and look for a large cairn at the top of a gully with green rungs. Descend down the green rungs and you will be right beside drop bears do exist. If you are heading down a gully that doesn't have green rungs, then you are in the wrong spot!

Ethic inherited from Illawarra

Lots of bolts in this region. Most development has been done after the 1980s.


Check out what is happening in Indian Head (north).