Topo #2065

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 Parceque

Crack climbing from the 70s with bolts from the 21 st century the way they should all be done. Start: Under the crack line

17 Sport 11m Unlink route
1 Mais Va Savoir

The magic in this one appears near the top as a perfect sinker pocket. Mostly a line of jugs Start: Same place as the crack line.

16 Sport 10m Unlink route
4 * Et Voila Tralala

A more reasonable move thru the blank break. Worth the grade if you are short. Also used as the start to the next route on the left. Start: Fourth line of bolts from the left

22 Sport 9m Unlink route
3 Comme Si Comme Ca

Line follows the underside of the ramp. Start: Third line of bolts to the left.

19 Sport 9m Unlink route
5 * Hairy Snotter And The Prisoner Of Putain

A great chunk of rock flawed by the right and left wandering of the line. A good climb if you take a gym approach and do it just for the move sequences and rock rather than the line. Middle of the wall under the best looking rock. Use the start of Voila to get thru the blank break at the bottom. Ignore the first bolt to the left in the conglomerate band. Climb the first third of Voila to traverse back above the second bolt to the line. At the fifth bolt move to the left until you get almost into the next climb (keeps the grade reasonable), then up to the break where you go right to the 6th bolt then up to the shared anchors.

23 Sport 10m, 9 Unlink route
6 * Hairy Snotter And The Half Blooded Boner

Firey break to break climbing with a little pop in the middle. Start: Just right of 'Pourquoi Pas' off the low block just left of the first bolt.

22 Sport 10m, 7 Unlink route
7 Pourquoi Pas

Another short 70s crack with a taste for stainless steel. Start: The right leaning crack on the left side of the wall. Start off the blocks.

17 Sport 8m, 5 Unlink route

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