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Table of contents

1. P.C. 33 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.569030, -34.865056

Description:© (aca_admin)

PC for 'Project Crag' or 'Planet C**k'. Whatever the name, this crag contains some of the hardest and most popular (difficult) routes at 'Nowra'. Though the crag is dusty and can sometimes be wet, despite appearances, the routes can be excellent and varied.

Approach:© (aca_admin)

Opposite and slightly downstream of Thompsons Point.

'Access' by parking near the substation, climbing over the fence and down the iron rungs.

Ethic: inherited from Illawarra

Lots of bolts in this region. Most development has been done after the 1980s.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Mr Mojo

FA: George Fieg, 1993

24 Sport 10m
2 ** Squeeze The Trigger

FA: Rob Lebreton, 1993

25 Sport 15m
3 * Blue Vein Custard Chucker

A classic Nowra name, mostly reclaimed by nature.

FA: Peter Wriggly, Steve Barry, 1991

21 Sport 15m
4 ** Big, Thick And Powerful

FA: Graham Fairbairn, 1993

28 Sport 15m
5 * Fukdifino / Fucked If I Know

Not particularly good, but probably the best thing to do here if you don't climb hard.

The anchors are set in seeping rock, and completely rusted after 10 years. New stainless glue-ins anchors (and last bolt) were added in 2004.

Start: Start at the left hand end of the main wall, amongst the big fallen boulders. It starts up the very obvious (and greasy looking) corner.

FA: Paul Westwood, 1991

22 Sport 15m
6 ** Attack Mode

This is actually the first 4/5's of 'White Ladder', and has been left in the guide only out of senitmentality (and for those that are looking for good 32's to do).

FA: Rob Lebreton, 1994

32 Sport 9m
7 ** White Ladder

Short but desperately powerful climbing. 'Excellent'. Originally climbed as 'Attack Mode' to the fixed biner and given grade 32.

Start: Start at the huge handlebar jug right of the massive fallen boulder.

FA: Chris Webb

34 Sport 13m
8 *** Dude Food

FA: Rob Lebreton, 1991

29 Sport 11m
9 * Vogue

Super bouldery roof. The original flake in the roof broke and has now been replaced by a drilled pocket.

FA: Stuart Wyithe, 1992

29 Sport 12m
10 *** Church Of Christ

Start with a big throw around the lip heading left past rings. Gather your thoughts, bust through the crux and keep trucking to the end.

FA: Graham Fairbairn, 1991

26 Sport 15m
11 *** Turn Your Eyes Insane

Bang out the steep start, break right and and keep pumping.

FA: Dave Filan, 1991

26 Sport 16m
12 * Hopelessly Devoted To You

FA: Rob Lebreton, 1996

29 Sport 18m
13 Thank You, Come Again

3 bolt boulder problem.. Soft if you can reach the big pocket.

FA: Paul Westwood, 1996

25 Sport 8m
14 *** Hard Candy

A pocket boulder gem.. Tricky and funky start getting easier leading up to the sand pit. Get a good rest then knuckle down through and couple big moves and a wicked stretchy pocket boulder top.

FA: Steve Bullen, 1991

27 Sport 18m
15 * Shocked

FA: Rob Lebreton, 1992

26 Sport 18m
16 ** Super Shocked

Start: The extension to 'S'.

FA: Rob Lebreton, 1997

27 Sport 21m
17 ** Gay Porn is Art

A bouldery start leads to some excellent moves in steepy, pumpy territory. Save some for the top. If it's all too hard clip the anchors on Bachelor's Ball, but for the full experience tick go all the way.

Set by Luke, 2012

FA: Danny Ewald, 2015

26 Sport 20m, 11
18 ** Bachelor's Ball

FA: Stuart Wyithe, 1992

24 Sport 18m
19 ** Bachelor Busted Balling Bimbo

FA: Paul Westwood, 1996

25 Sport 20m
20 *** Trigga Nigga

Excellent steep climbing, and the classic 'Nowra' 25.

Start: Start where the obvious undercut roof touches the ground (at a ring bolt).

FA: Andrew Bull, 1992

25 Sport 20m
21 *** Brother In A Body Bag

Continuing the tradition of excellent 28's at 'Nowra'. Backup anchor added in 2004. Start: Start 2m to the right of 'TN'. The undercling at the crux snapped off around 2012-13, but there's still a sequence.

FA: George Fieg, 1995

28 Sport 17m
22 ** Meet The G (1st Lower)

Finishes at rooflet.

29 Sport
23 ** Meet the G that killed me

FA: Chris Webb

31 Sport 20m
24 * Gang Bang

FA: Hooters

32 Sport 20m
25 Super Geek

FA: Julie Anderson, 1997

25 Sport 10m
26 Pauls With A Permit

FA: Julian Saunders, 1996

25 Sport 10m
27 ** Bullet With Butterfly Wings

FA: Julie Anderson, 1996

25 Sport 12m
28 * Super Weak

FA: Unknown, 2000

25 Sport 10m
29 * Kattack Mode

FA: Brian Rattenbury, 1997

24 Sport 10m
30 * Don't Tell The Priest, But It's A Boy 26 Sport 15m
31 No Notice

FA: Stuart Wyithe, 1993

26 Sport 20m
32 Sunroom Wanker

FA: Mark Weiser, 1996

23 Sport 20m
33 Don't Tell The Priest

FA: Brian Rattenbury, 1996

26 Sport 15m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
21 * Blue Vein Custard Chucker Sport 15m
22 * Fukdifino Sport 15m
23 Sunroom Wanker Sport 20m
24 ** Bachelor's Ball Sport 18m
* Kattack Mode Sport 10m
Mr Mojo Sport 10m
25 ** Bachelor Busted Balling Bimbo Sport 20m
** Bullet With Butterfly Wings Sport 12m
Pauls With A Permit Sport 10m
** Squeeze The Trigger Sport 15m
Super Geek Sport 10m
* Super Weak Sport 10m
Thank You, Come Again Sport 8m
*** Trigga Nigga Sport 20m
26 *** Church Of Christ Sport 15m
Don't Tell The Priest Sport 15m
* Don't Tell The Priest, But It's A Boy Sport 15m
** Gay Porn is Art Sport 20m, 11
No Notice Sport 20m
* Shocked Sport 18m
*** Turn Your Eyes Insane Sport 16m
27 *** Hard Candy Sport 18m
** Super Shocked Sport 21m
28 ** Big, Thick And Powerful Sport 15m
*** Brother In A Body Bag Sport 17m
29 *** Dude Food Sport 11m
* Hopelessly Devoted To You Sport 18m
** Meet The G (1st Lower) Sport
* Vogue Sport 12m
31 ** Meet the G that killed me Sport 20m
32 ** Attack Mode Sport 9m
* Gang Bang Sport 20m
34 ** White Ladder Sport 13m