Topo #4300

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 *** Butterfly Wall

The original start is now generally superseded by BWD Start: Just right of the corner at a flake, as for BP.

23 Sport 25m Unlink route
3 *** Butterfly Wall Direct

A beautiful route on great rock. Start: 5 meters right of the corner - directly below the obvious butterfly feature high on the wall.

24 Sport 20m Unlink route
5 * No More Gaps
30 Sport 16m Unlink route
6 *** Stone Roses

Fabulous, powerful and pumpy climbing up the amazing wall. Very hard for the grade. Used to be very easy for the grade before crucial holds were glued up for the FA of No More Gaps. The nasty mono became a duo tho' Start: Start below the obvious duo, which can just be reached off the boulder.

26 Sport 25m Unlink route
1 ** Berserk Plumbers

easy for the grade, dyno to slopes

26 Sport 15m Unlink route
7 *** Concrete Petunias

Awesome hard face climbing up a steep prow. Start: 6m right of butterfly wall. Same start as 'Stone Roses'

28 Sport 15m Unlink route

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