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In Mar 2014 theCrag community made 18,699 updates and and added 465 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Mark Ashmore 30points
2 steve day 21points
2 Georgia Rose 21points
4 Sarah Osborne 11points
5 tony 1point
5 Trevor Kettlewell 1point
5 Alwyn Johnson 1point
5 glenn smith 1point
5 Jason 1point
5 Gavin Evans 1point
5 Niall Doherty 1point
5 Rohan Charles Tayler 1point
5 will watkins 1point
5 Peter 1point
5 Aaron James Spinks 1point
5 marc landers 1point
5 1point
5 matt piper 1point
5 Tammy Perry 1point
5 @plastered 1point
5 Emma Griffiths 1point
5 adam demmert 1point
5 Brad Amos 1point
5 Daniel McNamara 1point
5 geoff woods 1point

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