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Grade Route
V8 Jake's Problem Boulder

Stand Start. Start on the black rock a few metres in from the lip on the left side of the cave, at a bit of a ridge 2 metres from the very back. Use Gaston like sloper and right hand pinch with feet in roof. Climb out into Fire in the Hole and top out the same.

V7 ** Fire in the Hole Boulder

Sitstart on pedestal on the left edge of cave and head out right to top out


Start as for Thriller in Manilla, climb to jug at lower lip and head left via big move into finish of Fire in the Hole.

FA: S. Young, 2012


Left hand start to Rumble in the Jungle. Start off opposing edges in roof.


Start as for Rumble in the Jungle and finish as for Fire in the Hole


Classic. Stand start from jug in cave. Strenuous roof climbing to turn lip, then face to top out.


After starting Rumble head right to lip, finishing on right side of capstone.

V9 *** Rumblathon Boulder

Proud line starting as for Bongo in the Congo in the very back of the cave, after a metre or so traverse under the roof section into Flat Head and finish as for Fire in the Hole.

FA: T. Krauss, 2014


Roof climbing, finishing on the starting hold of Rumble. Sit start of jugs in cave about 5m right of Rumble.

V7 *** Flat Head on Fire Boulder

Start as for Flat Head and finish as for Fire in the Hole

FA: T. Krauss, 2012

V6 *** Flat Head Boulder

Start as for Flounder, link into the end of 'Rumble in the Jungle' where Rumble meets the lip. Finish straight up as for Rumble.

V5 * Flat Head Direct Boulder

Start as for Flounder sitstart and traverse the lip leftwards, head up on crimps about 1 metre right of Rumble, finish as for Rumble.

V6 ** Flounder Boulder

SDS under lip 3m right of RITJ (1m left of corner). Up on slopes.

V3 Yoga Boulder

Sitstart up short hanging corner

V5 Yoga Traverse Boulder

Sit start in corner as for Yoga, head right on slopers into Congaline of Suckholes and finish on top jug of same climb.

V5 * Yoga Tra-Reverse Boulder

Sit start as for Congaline of Suckholes and head left via slopers into Yoga.

FA: S. Young, 2012


Sit start, up black streak 3m right of Flounder.

V6 * Frogger Boulder

Starts in the back left corner of the constant gardener cave, gains the slopey lip to the left of the cave, traverses the lip to the left for about a metre and heads straight up via crimps and flat juggy holds.

FA: T. Krauss, 2013

V3 * Frogger Direct Boulder

Starts in the left back of the constant gardener cave, makes three or so moves towards the lip of the cave and links into the Constant Gardener.

FA: T. Krauss, 2013

V2 Constant Gardener Boulder

A few metres right of Congaline of Suckholes there is a bit of a cave, with a flat hold at the lip. Straight out through the cave to the flat hold, then up the slab.

V4 V4 Knobs Boulder

SDS up over lip on knobs and up knobby slab, needs a lot of cleaning!


SDS up black groove on slopers

FA: C. Hampton, 2014


Start as for V2 out to lip sloper, then big move left to left hand crimp and sketchy mantle

FA: Chris Lang, 2014

V2 * V2 Boulder

SDS with hands matched in little cave, right hand out to sloper on lip, heel hook and difficult mantle to top

V1 V1 Boulder

Up corner steeply on big jugs


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