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This is the obvious outcrop on the southern side of Orroral Valley.



Drive into the Orroral Valley and turn left onto a dirt track, 300 metres before the Tracking Station site. The Lunar Laser Observatory was due to close in 1998 and road access was in question from that date onwards - so please update if you have better instructions. If there is a locked gate, climb over and follow the track uphill. Either go all the way to the observatory at the end of the road and walk back along the ridge, or bushbash strenuously uphill when you can see the rocks. Neither alternative is a particularly attractive walk.



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There have been several visits to the place over the years, leaving the odd cairn, but no one could be bothered to map and write them up. As soon as the guide was done there was a bemusing scramble to claim first ascents; such are 'secret' cliffs.


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