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Peak Charles is a granite mountain inside Peak Charles National Park in South Western WA. It overlooks dry sandplains and salt lakes in the surrounding countryside.

Access issues

Going from Perth, there is the longer easy way and the shorter harder way. The former leads through Coolgardie. There are two turnoffs south of Norseman at 55km and 70km (i.e. 120km north of Esperance) and these good all-weather gravel roads rejoin as the Lake King road some 25km further on. 5km past this junction is the turnoff left to Peak Charles. It is another 20km to the peak along a sandy but good two wheel drive road. This takes about 10 hours. Access from the west via Lake Grace and the Lake King road is less certain and better with a 4WD after rain. Bank on taking 8 hours. There is a 24 hour credit card operated petrol station in Lake King. [per CAWA Peak Charles Climbing Guide, 5th ed, Ross Weiter, March 2010]

Where to stay

Camping is allowed at the Base of Peak Charles at the Peak Charles Campground.


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