Starting just to the North of Eve's Ravine and extending approx 150 metres further in that direction. Most of the cliff sits above a low wave washed platform and above that, a fairly broad higher terrace from which the climbing starts.

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Access issues inherited from Point Perpendicular

Point Perp is located within a Navy Weapons Range. It is generally open during weekends and NSW school holidays though it is best to ring the rangers (02 4448 3411) to check first.


The Town Cliffs as the name suggests are closer to Currarong town rather than other climbing areas and are not part of the Beecroft Weapons Range, and as such are accessible all the time. However there is no distinct path to follow for the last part of the access to the cliff so you have to bash your way in a bit.

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Ethic inherited from Point Perpendicular

Point Perp is predominantly a trad crag. There has been more bolting recently but this is a particularly contentious topic. A lot of the bolts are the traditional Aussie carrot and it would be a good idea to have at least half a dozen keyhole hangers before going to the Point for the first time.


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