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Showing all 9 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
15 * Escape Route

Bad rock.

Trad 35m
26 Terra Nullius

Belay in the corner with a few medium cams. Up the wall to a big move, reachy. About 23 to the crux, then it gets hard for the last few moves. Take a bolt bracket.

FFA: Greg James & Mike Moore, 2000

Mixed 30m, 7
19 Toil and Blood

Bad rock.

Trad 37m
19 Heavy Weather

Bad rock.

Trad 40m
16 * Burning Bridges

Bad rock.

Trad 44m
17 Saladin

Bad rock.

Trad 30m
17 Grit Your Teeth

Crumbly in upper half

Trad 30m
19 Star Trekkin

Really sandy rock

Trad 30m
19 ** Bon Voyage
Trad 160m

Showing all 9 routes.