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Table of contents

1. Poondahra (closed) 97 routes in Crag

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 153.194655, -28.176801

Access Issues:

Poondahra is in Lamington National Park. It has been closed to climbing since August 2000 due to safety and conservation concerns, after a geotechnical assessment recommended public access to the area be restricted due to "potential high to very high risk of rock fall" and a number of threatened species were found in the area.

For further information see the Lamington National Park Management Plan and this post on qurank.com.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Muffy


20Unknown 40m
2 * Immoral Aids 21Unknown 45m
3 * Deep Freeze 25Unknown 17m
4 Heat Wave 19Unknown 48m
5 * Heat Wave - Arete 17Unknown 48m
6 ** Rock Of Ages p1 17Unknown 22m
7 ** Rock Of Ages p2 21Unknown 23m
8 * Gnome's Delight 15Unknown 22m
9 ** Horizontal 13Unknown 24m
10 ** (O' What A) Tangled Web 22Unknown 22m
11 ** Easy Street 13Unknown 38m
12 ** Tull p1 14Unknown 22m
13 ** Tull p2 12Unknown 20m
14 ** Brutal Grunt 19Unknown 40m
15 ** Midge 19Unknown 40m
16 ** Kinaesthetics 20Unknown 26m
17 ** Bubble And Squeak 16Unknown 20m
18 * Eany Meany 19Unknown 20m
19 Blade Runner 17Unknown 21m
20 ** Pumpkin Pie (With Spices) 14Unknown 40m
21 ** By Faith Alone 22Unknown 20m
22 ** Spud 18Unknown 19m
23 *** In God I Trust 24Unknown 19m
24 ** Gone With The Gin 15Unknown 18m
25 Lucifer 20Unknown 20m
26 Chubby 15Unknown 8m
27 Checker 19Unknown 8m
28 Fats 17Unknown 8m
29 Domino 20Unknown 8m
30 Big 18Unknown 8m
31 Bopper 23Unknown 8m
32 Crazy Horse 18Unknown 20m
33 ** Making Butter 19Unknown 19m
34 *** Socialist Sympathies (Leaning To The Left) 21Unknown 20m
35 ** Escape From Alcatraz 19Unknown 20m
36 * Black Elk 21Unknown 22m
37 ** Memories Of Javaro 22Unknown 25m
38 Chris Frost Route 25Unknown 24m
39 The Stamp Collector 24Unknown 24m
40 * Block Buster 20Unknown 26m
41 ** Grumble Bum 20Unknown 26m
42 * Flake Off 19Unknown 26m
43 Selective Amnesia 18Unknown 26m
44 Top Flight Executive 19Unknown 12m
45 Packet Of Chips 17Unknown 12m
46 * The Bunyip's Tail 16Unknown 10m
47 * Curly Locks 17Unknown 10m
48 * Opposite Lock 21Unknown 10m
49 Etera 19Unknown 10m
50 * Frendz 20Unknown 25m
51 Electric Circuits & Machines 22Unknown 25m
52 ** Blind Justice 21Unknown 25m
53 ** Getting High 17Unknown 15m
54 *** Pocketful Of Smiles 22Unknown 46m
55 ** Ground Swell 21Unknown 44m
56 *** Point Break 19Unknown 40m
57 * Wipe Out 19Unknown 23m
58 ** Wipe Out VF 18Unknown 23m
59 * Tubed 21Unknown 35m
60 ** Glassy Walls 21Unknown 42m
61 ** Aslan p1 19Unknown 24m
62 ** Aslan p2 22Unknown 25m
63 *** The Stone Table

Start in Aslan

19Unknown 24m
64 ** Mr. Tumnus 17Unknown 24m
65 * Narnia 16Unknown 24m
66 ** Puff, The Magic Dragon 22Unknown 27m
67 *** Stand Up, Stand Up 21Unknown 46m
68 ** Wrinkles From Smiling 21Unknown 46m
69 ** Emerald City 22Unknown 44m
70 ** Escape From Reason 20Unknown 40m
71 * Shonky 22Unknown 26m
72 ** Summertime Blues 22Unknown 25m
73 ** Tickle Me 18Unknown 24m
74 Terror Firma 22Unknown 25m
75 * Needeep Wall 21Unknown 40m
76 Prince Caspian LHV 22Unknown 37m
77 * Prince Caspian 20Unknown 37m
78 * Life In The Slow Lane 19Unknown 28m
79 ** Dawn Treader 18Unknown 37m
80 *** D Climb 18Unknown 40m
81 * Doctor Lock 22Unknown 45m
82 ** Frenzy 21Unknown 18m
83 Walking On Ice 21Unknown 18m
84 ** Rainbows 21Unknown 20m
85 ** One Crowded Hour 20Unknown 20m
86 Shakin All Over 23Unknown 20m
87 ** Shakin All Over - alternate route 23Unknown 25m
88 The Living Daylights 21Unknown 63m
89 *** The Ivory Tower 21Unknown 25m
90 *** Tusk 20Unknown 35m
91 * Elephant Tales 19Unknown 55m
92 Tour De Force 19Unknown 20m
93 * Ekidna 18Unknown 25m
94 unamed wall 21Unknown 22m
95 Outhouse 19Unknown 23m
96 * Cudles 21Unknown 20m
97 * Nemarluk 21Unknown 35m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
12 ** Tull p2 Unknown 20m
13 ** Easy Street Unknown 38m
** Horizontal Unknown 24m
14 ** Pumpkin Pie (With Spices) Unknown 40m
** Tull p1 Unknown 22m
15 Chubby Unknown 8m
* Gnome's Delight Unknown 22m
** Gone With The Gin Unknown 18m
16 ** Bubble And Squeak Unknown 20m
* Narnia Unknown 24m
* The Bunyip's Tail Unknown 10m
17 Blade Runner Unknown 21m
* Curly Locks Unknown 10m
Fats Unknown 8m
** Getting High Unknown 15m
* Heat Wave - Arete Unknown 48m
** Mr. Tumnus Unknown 24m
Packet Of Chips Unknown 12m
** Rock Of Ages p1 Unknown 22m
18 Big Unknown 8m
Crazy Horse Unknown 20m
*** D Climb Unknown 40m
** Dawn Treader Unknown 37m
* Ekidna Unknown 25m
Selective Amnesia Unknown 26m
** Spud Unknown 19m
** Tickle Me Unknown 24m
** Wipe Out VF Unknown 23m
19 ** Aslan p1 Unknown 24m
** Brutal Grunt Unknown 40m
Checker Unknown 8m
* Eany Meany Unknown 20m
* Elephant Tales Unknown 55m
** Escape From Alcatraz Unknown 20m
Etera Unknown 10m
* Flake Off Unknown 26m
Heat Wave Unknown 48m
* Life In The Slow Lane Unknown 28m
** Making Butter Unknown 19m
** Midge Unknown 40m
Outhouse Unknown 23m
*** Point Break Unknown 40m
*** The Stone Table Unknown 24m
Top Flight Executive Unknown 12m
Tour De Force Unknown 20m
* Wipe Out Unknown 23m
20 * Block Buster Unknown 26m
Domino Unknown 8m
** Escape From Reason Unknown 40m
* Frendz Unknown 25m
** Grumble Bum Unknown 26m
** Kinaesthetics Unknown 26m
Lucifer Unknown 20m
* Muffy Unknown 40m
** One Crowded Hour Unknown 20m
* Prince Caspian Unknown 37m
*** Tusk Unknown 35m
21 * Black Elk Unknown 22m
** Blind Justice Unknown 25m
* Cudles Unknown 20m
** Frenzy Unknown 18m
** Glassy Walls Unknown 42m
** Ground Swell Unknown 44m
* Immoral Aids Unknown 45m
* Needeep Wall Unknown 40m
* Nemarluk Unknown 35m
* Opposite Lock Unknown 10m
** Rainbows Unknown 20m
** Rock Of Ages p2 Unknown 23m
*** Socialist Sympathies (Leaning To The Left) Unknown 20m
*** Stand Up, Stand Up Unknown 46m
*** The Ivory Tower Unknown 25m
The Living Daylights Unknown 63m
* Tubed Unknown 35m
Walking On Ice Unknown 18m
** Wrinkles From Smiling Unknown 46m
unamed wall Unknown 22m
22 ** (O' What A) Tangled Web Unknown 22m
** Aslan p2 Unknown 25m
** By Faith Alone Unknown 20m
* Doctor Lock Unknown 45m
Electric Circuits & Machines Unknown 25m
** Emerald City Unknown 44m
** Memories Of Javaro Unknown 25m
*** Pocketful Of Smiles Unknown 46m
Prince Caspian LHV Unknown 37m
** Puff, The Magic Dragon Unknown 27m
* Shonky Unknown 26m
** Summertime Blues Unknown 25m
Terror Firma Unknown 25m
23 Bopper Unknown 8m
Shakin All Over Unknown 20m
** Shakin All Over - alternate route Unknown 25m
24 *** In God I Trust Unknown 19m
The Stamp Collector Unknown 24m
25 Chris Frost Route Unknown 24m
* Deep Freeze Unknown 17m