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Small zawn near One Mile Beach. Super hard volcanic rock that has loads of friction. Can be a bit crumbly on the South side. There has recently been a fridge sized boulder pulled off next to White Pointer. If you are doing any of the routes in this section be aware that the rock might not be very trustworthy. A lot of the climbs can be done trad.

Access issues

Access is dependant on the tide. Keep an eye on the tide as the only way out if it gets too high is to climb out.


Park in the One Mile Beach car park and walk to the beach and then to the South end. Follow the obvious track up the steep hill and turn left at the first fork. Take the next left after this down the deep gully untill you reach the rocky headland. Keep heading South over the headland and the crag will appear on the right. There are a couple of trees that are safe for rapping along the deep gully or scramble down the moist rock into the zawn.


Check out what is happening in Morna point.