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Great climbing and afternoon shade.


A few different sectors to choose from with varied climbing. From pockets to slabs to steep pumpy walls perched high up off the deck, whatever you're into!

Access issues

This cliff is inside SEQ Water property, and no access agreements have been made. The fire trail and bushland is publicly accessible and the trails are well used by bushwalkers and fitness nuts. It is best to keep all climbing gear inside our packs to not attract undue attention.


Access is via Gold Coast Springbrook Road. From the 'carpark' take the gate on the right and head down the fire trail. When you come to the first junction turn right. This will lead down to a broad creek bed before starting to head back up hill. At the next junction keep right and at the following junction keep left. Slog it out along the fire trail up some steep hills. The turn off to the crag (to the left) is marked with a small cairn near a large gum tree (do not mark the trees with arrows!). Follow this up to the ridge then veer right and down the scree slope and follow it down and along until you reach the cliffs.


This is a sport climbing crag. However, helmets are mandatory for walls like Sun Bowl, Ice Cream Wall & the Summit Wall where there hasn't been a lot of traffic, and extra care should be taken. Please take all litter with you and do your business away from the crag! Stay safe and have a good time.



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Grade Route

The following routes are located at various points along the wall on the walk-in and are spaced out over ~150m ending just before the Gold Coast sector. The Sun Bowl is visible above this sector.

Somewhere close to where the rock starts to appear on the walk-in. Well before the other routes. Arching corner crack.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Gordon Baudino, 2011

Climb up the feint corner to the top of the left pillar.

Set by Glenn, 2016

FFA: Glenn & Brett OBree, 2016

Interesting start followed by some fun climbing up the thin seam.

Set by Glenn Ferguson, 2014

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Nathan Porter, 2014

Starts where the track narrows between a tree and the cliff. Starts up a corner then continues up the face.

Set by Glenn Ferguson & Stephen Cooper, 2014

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Stephen Cooper, 2014

Hard start and technical climbing, follow the obvious seam to the top.

Set by Gordon Baudino, 2014

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Glenn Ferguson, 2014

A bit of thought required on this. Grade may be harder if placing the draws.

Set by Glenn Ferguson, 2014

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, Sheree Ferguson, Nicola Banwell, Gordon Baudino & Ross Ferguson, 2014

10m or so L of Are We Dancer. Vegetated right-trending access ramp (line of least resistance) to the L side of the Sun Bowl sector (with lower off). First FH at about 10m.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2010

Bolted with FH's and finishing at DUBB. Can be used to access The Sun Bowl sector.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Tim Rowe, 2010

2m R. U-bolts to anchor shared with Are We Dancer.

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Glenn Ferguson, 2011

8m R of Rock n Surf. U-bolts. Ledgy slabbing with good holds where you need them. Good beginner climb.

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Glenn Ferguson, 2011

Will get you up to the right side of The Sun Bowl.

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Glenn Ferguson, 2011

Line of U bolts above Tinka Extension.

Set by Gordon Baudino

The following routes are located in the large orange bowl of rock about 20m off the deck. There are two belays that routes climb from, these two belays are connected via a fixed rope. To do the routes on the left, ramble up the vegetated Valencia or climb Are We Dancer. To access the right belay, you can climb Tinka extension, or carefully traverse across from the left belay station via the fixed rope.

Traverse left from the belay (runout to start) past 3 bolts to where the wall goes vertical. La Nina goes straight up. This steps further left. Follow the left most line of bolts up the vertical to slightly overhung wall. Steep, pumpy climbing on big holds and great rock.

FFA: Ross Ferguson & Glenn Ferguson, 2011

Shared start. Traverse left from the belay and head up the steep wall to stance. Bouldery crux follows and trends left with an airy feel to an easier finish at anchors over the lip.

FFA: Ross Ferguson & Tom Cramer, 2011

Closed. Shares start with the previous 2 climbs. At the good ledge where La Nina goes left, go right into a steep shallow groove with great edgy moves and a brilliant gaston lock.

Set by Glenn Ferguson

Climb to the base of the steepness and lower-off autolocker and long permadraw.

Straight up from the LH belay past 6 FH on nice orange rock to the break below the steep wall. The business starts here (permadraw). Very nice climbing on interesting features give classic moves all the way to the chains. 60m rope required for the top lower off or 80m to get back to the ground.

Set by Ross Ferguson

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2014

Directly up from belay passing shared bolt, then step R onto ledge. Two close bolts, then into the biggest corner on the wall. Up, then quaker flake laybacks up the steep wall. Fingery crux caps things off.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2013

From LH belay, climb diagonally right to first FH on vertical black wall. Up past FH’s into orange corner (chosstacular). Directly up the steepo headwall with cool, punchy moves. Feels pretty airy and 'out there'.

Set by Lee Cujes, 2010

FFA: Matt Clifford & Glenn Ferguson, 2011

The next routes start from the right belay.

Accessed by climbing Are We Dancer. Climb the smooth orange wall and head into the steep black corner. Steeper than it looks. 12 draws plus anchor.

Set by Glenn Ferguson

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, 2013

Climbs Water Is Optional up orange wall to below the break. Traverse right across ledges at this point and then up the steep wall following the line of FH's. A couple of longer draws are helpful for the traverse.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2013

Starts at WIO belay. Up and right passing FH to stance then up the orange wall to a lower off where the wall steepens. The extension past two bolts is 23 and is juggy - go for it!

FA: Ross Ferguson, 2013

The full version continues past the first set of lower-off's at 20m. Some nice moves on big holds extends the route another 5m.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2013

Only a few bolts in this incomplete line on the margin of orange and black.

This sector of routes is referred to as The Gold Coast and is the most popular sector here.

About 20m right of Tinka is this slab route. Bolted with FH's. Slightly runout to where it steepens. A bit adventurous. Chains on right.

FFA: Ross Ferguson & Tom Cramer, 2011

From anchor of p1, walk left along ledge and up easy steps. Follow the snaking line up the orange streak on big holds. Routefinding is the main challenge. Can be climbed from the ground in one 45m pitch with some long slings.

FFA: Ross Ferguson & Glenn Ferguson, 2011

Some people find it that way! 3m R. FH's.

FFA: Peter Monks & Ross Ferguson, 2010

Slab with some nice pockets (don't you wish this went on for 50m?), then sustained headwall which should make your arms feel warm.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Tim Rowe, 2012

More bouldery than Strip Clubs. Start just right and up the slab (like all routes in this sector). Daunting black overhang then headwall. Where's that finishing jug...?

FFA: Ross Ferguson & Peter O'Halloran, 2011

Climb 'Beach Bum' to the 6th bolt, move right at the big ledge and then it's on. No hard moves but keeps going until the anchors.

Set by Tom Kjaer-Olsen & Glenn, 2016

FFA: Tom Kjaer-Olsen & Glenn, 2016

The one route on ground level which always stays dry. Climb the first 3 UB's of The Green Room the head left to the line of FH's on the orange streak and blast off. Save something for the finish.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2007

3 UB's up the shallow corner and slab to base of the steep wall with seam running up it. Long and strong moves on big holds up this (welcome, gym climbers) to ledge. Two rings off the ledge then move R into the the sustained finish of Over The Falls.

Set by Lee Cujes, 2010

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2010

Climb The Green Room to the ledge and instead of going right, climb directly up without deviating past 4 UB's to another anchor. There's a LVF to the chains of Budgie Smuggler at about 24.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2011

Linkup. Starts up The Green Room to the steep bit, then traverses right across the steep wall passing one camo carrot bolt into the business end of Meter Maids and finishes up this.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2012

Slab to some tricky pocket pulling. Sustained headwall also not a giveaway. Probably the stiffest 25 here.

Set by Lee Cujes, 2010

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2010

Climb Bikini Town Direct 3 bolts into the steep wall then traverse left clipping a bolt on OTF and The Green Room, hand traverse the break then climb Budgie Smuggler to the last bolt and traverse left to the last bolt and anchor of Sandbanked.

FFA: Jason Wong & LisaB, 2016

U-bolts then FH's. Up easy corner as per original, but then straight up the face. Really great pocket moves. Some deviate briefly into OTF just before the ledge which makes it easier. Possible to go direct - both are fun.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2012

U-Bolts. Up the easy corner to ledge. Clamber onto ledge on right then up wall with cool pockets through steep wall. First bolt on headwall is a stretch, then onwards to glory.

FFA: Lee Cujes & Glenn Ferguson, 2010

Start as for previous but once off the ground, step right to first bolt in R-leaning black corner. Up this til possible to lean left and clip UB on steep wall. Punchy moves up this (2 UB's) then easier headwall.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2011

Page's first bolted route. Start as for previous in the corner. Up the black R-leaning corner then push through bulge on headwall to a large set of chains. The upper wall has some superb rock and should be experienced.

Set by Frey Yule

FFA: Lee Cujes & Glenn Ferguson, 2010

3m R. Direct start to Yule Corner on black-painted U-bolts. Unfortunately a bit contrived. But the top is great.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2010

2m R. Stickclip first bolt. Independent (and tricky) start up black wall. Once through, romp up to rest ledge. When ready, tackle the headwall.

Set by Lee Cujes, 2010

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, 2010

Link Up. Up Bombay Rock to first bolt then over YT to YC. Shake out then into the pockets of MM and BT to break. Up and across to finish up The Green Room.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2014

Link-Up. Same start as Drop in but at the break continue up and left to clip the last bolt of STTGR and Budge Smuggler to finish at its anchor. Pumper.

FFA: Ross Ferguson Tom Cramer, 2014

Short and fun - a popular warm-up. Most find this a pumpy little 18.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, 2010

If TOS didn't warm you up, keep going through the bulge past 4 more bolts to high anchor.

FFA: Sam Cujes, 2013

FH's. Often wet, but the key holds remain dry. You'll be surprised. It climbs better than it looks. Half a star.

FFA: Richard Binstead & Ross Ferguson, 2011

2m R. FH's. Slabby start to a corally roof crux. Also seeps after rain.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, 2011

3m R. FH's. Nice slab to small roof. What follows is a non-obvious sequence on scraggly, weird holds. With some chalk on the holds it's about 23. Without, it'll feel harder!

FFA: Krzysztof Maciejowski & Ross Ferguson, 2012

About 5m R. Technical climbing on some unusual angles. Climbs away from the bolt line at one point.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Lara Masselos, 2012

4m R. FH's. The slanty looking route up the orange streak. Despite some ascents still has loose rock. Traverses well off the bolt line. Be a bit careful on the clipping flake at the base of the smooth wall which is loose and needs glue. Pulling it off while clipping would be bad news.

FFA: Tom Cramer & Ross Ferguson, 2012

Closed. U-bolts.

Set by Gordon Baudino, 2012

U-bolts. Up the slab and trend right until it steepens. Shares high anchor with previous route.

FFA: Gordon Baudino, 2012

FH's up blocky black slab to beneath steep black wall.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Ross Ferguson, 2013

Nice moves and easy climbing to the right of the shrub. Shares the anchor with What were we thinking.

FFA: Tim Rowe & Glenn Ferguson, 2013

About 20m R on grey slab. Look for FH's. There's two lines here. This is the left one.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, Gordon Baudino & Ross Ferguson, 2011

Climb I'm Lichen It past the anchor and continue right for another 2 bolts and an anchor. Pitch 2 trends right and is only to access the Summit Wall. Access to this area is not yet finished, please stay off.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Tom Reid, 2013

3m R. Shares last bolt and anchor of ILI.

FFA: Tim Rowe & Glenn Ferguson, 2012

This CLOSED PROJECT is the multi-pitch that will lead up to the Summit Wall. Starts up I'm Lichen it p1 then trends right through the looseness & vegetation. NOT FINISHED BOLTING, please keep off.

This is the big obvious grey and orange overhang at the top high above Ice Cream Wall. Should produce some nice routes in the 20's in a great position! Currently inaccessible, with both a CLOSED PROJECT MULTI for access and multiple CLOSED single pitch PROJECTS at the summit. Speak to Nathan, Todd, Reido or Glenn

Left most route on the Summit Wall with varied climbing. Quite steep with almost tufa-esk features towards the top. Very exposed but beautiful section of orange wall with an amazing view to greet you at the anchors.

Set by nathan mcneil

Set by Tom Reid

Set by carver

The next routes are located 100m to the right of the Gold Coast Wall on the obvious, streaked and gently overhung wall 20m off the deck that comes into view after passing the slabs.

The first route you come to below the Ice Cream wall. Access to the left hand routes above. Nice easy climbing on good rock.

Set by Glenn Ferguson, 2015

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, 2015

Access for the upper routes on 'Ice Cream Wall'.

Set by Tom Reid/ Glenn Ferguson/ Lee Cujes, 2013

FFA: Tom Reid/ Glenn Ferguson, 2013

This route starts about 3m left of Banana Split and climbs the black and white streak to a bulge up high. Slightly similar to Banana Split at an easier grade. (At the moment, until belay station goes in, the easiest way to do this route is either belay from the Sundae Slab anchor, OR go to Meltdown first bolt, Get safe, pull rope and re-toss to belayer straight down. the drag is horrendous otherwise.)

Set by Tom Reid/ Jarryd Blackmore, 2013

FFA: Tom Reid, 2013

From Sundae Slab DBB, up to ledge and climb the line of hangers just right of the black & white streaks and Grass tufts at half height. Great sustained climbing on solid, marbly rock.

Set by Tom Reid, 2013

FFA: Tom Reid, 2013

Set by Glenn Ferguson, 2013

From the belay, go up and then hard right. This second-rightmost line of bolts provides climbing which builds in difficulty as you go. Once you reach the undercling, it's game on. While there's still some loose rock on this part of the wall (particularly either side of the line), all the key holds required on Stracciatella are solid.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2013

This route climbs the obvious double white streaks on the right of the wall. To access, climb Sundae Slab, then traverse fixed rope R to DBB on dirt ledge beneath scoop. Edge up the scoop to easy choss ledges (easy does it) beneath steep wall. Clip first FH on steep wall with a screwgate to limit potential fall distance, then blast the wall above. Probably easy for the grade.

FFA: Lee Cujes, 2013

Rightward traversing line, 3 bolts to the anchor.

Set by Glenn Ferguson, 2014

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, 2014

Nice slab climbing. Good rock.

Set by Glenn Ferguson, 2014

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, 2014

These next routes are located a long way from the previous routes. Walk for 5 minutes or so until you spot an obvious square-cut, left-facing pillar.

Climb up the left side of the arete.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson, Matthew Clifford & Ross Ferguson, 2010

Climb the right side of the arete on cool knobby rock.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, Matthew Clifford & Glenn Ferguson, 2010

A bit of a runout at the top.

FFA: Ross Ferguson, Matthew Clifford & Glenn Ferguson, 2010

Climb the steep start and into the scoop.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & John Amsler, 2010

Bouldery start. Climb to the right of the small cave and push through the fun til the top.

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Ross Ferguson, 2010

Technical climbing through some great holds that may not be obvious.

Set by Glenn Ferguson, 2014

FFA: Glenn Ferguson & Gordon Baudino, 2015

The 2nd Last route at the cliff, 2m left of the small alcove. 8 Ubolts to chain anchor, consistent and not obvious climbing.

Set by Gordon Baudino, 2014

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Glenn Ferguson, 2015

Last climb on the right side. Climbs the U Bolts. Hard start then some amazing holds.

Set by Gordon Baudini, 2014

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Glenn Ferguson, 2015

The wall facing west that you first walk in. (From the lower access location) Shaded in the mornings.

The Left Most Route before the track heads down the steep section.

Set by Gordon Baudino, 2015

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Nicola Banwell, 2015

A good beginners climb. Up the easy looking slab.

Set by Gordon Baudino, 2016

FFA: Gordon Baudino & Glenn, 2016

Project please stay off. First climb that you get to when walking in from the fir trail. Climb up the left arete then trends right at the top.

Set by Glenn, 2015

Project please stay off. Climbing up through the large hole in the wall.

Set by Glenn, 2015

Project please stay off. Climbs the left side of the shallow corner. Nice rock.

Set by Glenn, 2015

Climbs nice rock to the right of the corner up the steepest part of the wall. Long classy pumper with no hard moves. Add a grade when it's warm.

Set by Tom Kjaer-Olsen, 2015

FFA: Tom Kjaer-Olsen & Glenn, 2015

Just to the right of Tomahawk. Easier than it looks, the good holds keep coming. A good warm up.

Set by Tom Kjaer-Olsen, 2015

FFA: Tom Kjaer-Olsen, 2016

The furthest right route, Starting up the hill and around the bulge. Traverse left from last bolt to the anchor which is shared with 'Pro Skub'.

Set by ross ferguson, 2015

FFA: ross ferguson, 2015


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