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Baiyambora gorge, 1hr west of Imbil on a 4x4 track or 30 minutes from Jimna, is about 1.2 Km in lenght over a 180m difference from the bottom pools to the top plunge waterfall and sits between a Scenic Reserve and Wratten National Park.

The bottom part can be accesses by either:

  1. A trail (-26.543443, 152.470464). Park the car on Bella Creek Rd and descent via this trail to the creek (1.4 Km). Hike upstream for further 1 Km until the gorge is reached.

  2. Park the car in a small car park (-26.544529, 152.445033) and find the beginning of a faint track nearby heading south-easterly to a steep valley. Descend this for 200 m or so until the creek bed is reached. Walk right for few hundred metres until you arrive at the canyon's entrance. Once on the top a short walk in a north easterly direction through tick scrub and lantana (keep out and right of private property) will lead back to the car (1.3Km).

The top above Yabba Falls can be accesses by:

  1. Heading from Kingham Rd, follow Bella Creek Rd until you enter state forest. Park just after the state forest gate entrance. Follow the fence on the state forest side until you get to Annette Cascades. Following the Annette cascades down stream will place you at the top of Yabba falls. Thick lantana should be expected.

Access issues

Do not enter the Old Yabba Farm just before Annette cascades. Access to the Annette Cascades should be done on the state forest side of the fence.

Where to stay

Camping: Peach Tree Camping area near Jimna (30Km from gorge) or Borumba Dam Camping Grounds (23Km away on a 4x4 track) near Imbil.


Please ensure you leave no trace of your visit and keep your climbing or canyoning activity low key. This is a pristine place that had a very little visiting from humans and should be meticulously kept in its state.

Remember to take all rubbish with you and avoid markings such taping the trees or graffiti on the rock, in our modern days, GPS and maps will give you the proper informations about navigation without creating visual pollution.

The area should be kept strictly as trad and care should be taken when using natural features as belays or rapping point. A couple of steel rapping sets exist for abseiling purpose at the top of the upper plunge and just before the bottom waterfall: they are useless for climbing.


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Grade Route

The scramble from the gorge entrance all the way to the top pool and exit on the northern side. Party can rope for a grade 4 pith (50m) at the beginning of the gorge, left of the waterfall and TB on gear.

Make your way to the top pool with care (unroped) and cross the creek just before the lake. A steep ramp with optional tree belay ledge ascending left will set you on the final dirty gully to the top. Tree belay.

Easy climbing in a spectacular and scenic location.

This is an alternate exit route from the top plunge room.

From the top pool keep traversing on the right side with care (grade 4) few metres above the water for 30m or so, until you reach the gate to the upper room. Enter the last room just below the waterfall: the climb start on your left:

  1. 20m (4) Scramble on low angle slabs on good rock and good holds in the chimney/corner on the RHS to and overhanging roof and precarious stance. Set up belay on gear.

  2. 30m (19) Bouldery start and hard moves to get above the overhang on suspect rock will set you on a slabby corner, with rock deteriorating progressively and delicate climbing required. Big tree roots can help avoiding the choss. Tree belay.

  3. 20m (4) A dirty and balancy traverse over an exposed V-shaped ledge will lead up a low angle slabs to a tree belay.

Keep scrambling further up on steep and slippery scree to circumnavigate the top plunge and return on the north side.


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