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Convenient if you live nearby and need to lay hand to rock


A tuff retaining wall behind Freedom furniture off Newmarket/Bowen Bridge roads. There are some poorly bolted (one with an aluminium hanger!) small routes and a few ok looking natural lines. While the climbing is actually pretty good in places, the location is a big drawback and any bolts are not to be trusted.

Access issues

Behind a shopping centre, above a driveway. Owners/security staff (if any) may not be psyched to see climbers. Watch out for cars and trucks. Only bother if it's after hours to avoid problems.


Drive to Freedom furniture, catch a train to Windsor station, or rock up anyway you can


Chipping seemed to be the norm here back in the day. No longer is that acceptable anywhere. It may be that stabilisation works will one day cover most of the rock here; some areas have already been sprayed with shotcrete recently


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Someone desperate for FA's long ago bolted and chipped a bit of rock. Some information was available online years ago, so if anyone still has any info, do share.


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Grade Route

up the drill hole

Possibly an old bolt ladder, five carrots leading up and right

follow the first and second carrots leading right and up

Straight up past the third carrot

straight up past the fourth carrot

Up past the fifth carrot exit to the side to avoid blank section

Up the chipped face

Up the chipped face, then traverse

Up the chipped face past two carrots


Check out what is happening in Freedom Wall.