Topo #3581 - Super overhanging wall

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Silent Witness

very overhanging wall. Start on side pull and rail. Throw for left hold, match, throw for another left hold, left heel hook after big move to top. Press like don't want to fall off. Nick W

V4 Boulder Unlink route
2 Kiss my Witness

Start with both hands low on side pull. Left foot on then up to finger tip crimp and follow as 'Silent Witness' Brad S

V6 Boulder Unlink route
3 Witness the Britleness

Sit Start on good two finer side pull with R hand and crimp for L. L foot on pebble below. Pop for finger tip crimp with L hand. Sort feet out on tiny rail. Drop under and into side pull with right as in 'Kiss my Witness" Up onto another two finger crimps then follow 'Silent Witness' to top. Don't fall at end! Brad S and Nick W (Pictures on

V11 Boulder Project Unlink route

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