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Harmarney features bullet hard rhyolite with a wall for shade or sun.


Climbing at Hamarney is mostly steep to vertical sport climbing and a standard sport rack of gear should suffice. Unique to the crag are the Sneaky Hamarney Awesome Sinker Bucket Jugs or SHASBJ's for short (if you can pronounce that can you please let me know). Despite those SHABJ's, at times you may find yourself squealing on some rather thin and crimpy holds. Climbs range from 19-25m on high quality dense Rhyolite. Astute awareness of your climbing ability is required when deciding whether or not to stick-clip the first bolt i.e. stick-clip the steep stuff you or BYO spotting crew ya clown!

Access issues

This crag is on private property. Access to Harmarney has changed since its discovery and initial development. New access is being negotiated atm.


Sport crags have their impacts, just as humans on this planet do. Our footprints are heavy and the toll on the cliff and the surrounds is evident. We have kept our impact as minimal as possible by adhering to the following:  Bury your business in a hole (and your clean up tools), under a rock cairn, at least 200m away from the cliff, off the track and not near the creek bed  Do not pull off rock that does not need it (only removed in the interest of safety), and try to be considerate to the surrounds were the rock is dropped  Take all rubbish out with you  Stay on the tracks to reduce trampling


Check out what is happening in Hamarney (Private Land).