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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
12 Slape and Tickle

c.250m east at the same level as the main crag is a small buttress with a prominent arete. Climb the face 1m L of the arete. Nice crux moves at the grade but poorly protected.

FA: Paul Badenoch, 25 Apr 2014

Trad 10m
16 From Eternity to Here

Up the steep thin wall (using the arete when necessary) R of Slape and Tickle. A rope would be sensible.

FA: Paul Badenoch, 25 Apr 2014

Trad 10m
8 Discovery Trad 12m
10 Krakaret Trad 12m
22 The Fatted Calf Trad 11m
4 Tweedledee Trad 11m
4 Tweedledum Trad 11m
13 Aztecs Trad 9m
13 Yeti Trad 11m
13 Slapeman Trad 14m
17 Fungus the Bogeyman Trad 14m
15 Wild Rose Trad 15m
22 A Wing and a Prayer Trad 15m
16 Virtual Reality Trad 13m
18 7.30 Report Trad 10m
8 Idle Speculation Trad 10m
16 Slape and Away

Scramble up to the little buttress between Idle Speculation and Chest Hairs. Now up the face just L of the short bottomless corner.

FA: Paul Badenoch, Mark Witham & Doug Brooks, 2005

Trad 15m
10 Chest Hairs Trad 17m
21 Le Gringomaniaque Trad 16m
19 Fools and Horses Trad 15m
21 Haulin' Ass Trad 15m
14 Travels With a Donkey Trad 15m
14 Bonsai Boneseed Trad 15m
18 Planet of the Slapes Trad 15m
14 Crack and Corner Trad 14m
16 Hopes in Slapes Trad 14m
23 Slapes and Shrieks Trad 14m
18 The Big Hush Trad 14m
21 Slape Fear Trad 14m
19 Slape Factor Trad 13m
8 Long Hop Trad 10m

Showing all 31 routes.