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Table of contents

1. Snowy Mountains 80 routes in Crag

Trad, Boulder and other styles

Long/Lat: 148.866281, -36.358254

1.1. Blue Lake 54 routes in Area

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 148.313099, -36.403617

1.1.1. Elephant Buttress 31 routes in Area

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 148.311825, -36.403125

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Frigga 10Trad 25m
2 Entrenched 7Trad 25m
3 Necktie 14Trad 120m
4 Grappler 14Trad 32m
5 Grappler Direct Finish Trad 15m
6 Medoc 9Trad 32m
7 Pad Nag 9Trad 40m
8 Pad Nag Left Hand Variant 8Trad 20m
9 Turdus 8Trad 32m
10 Pooch Wall 20Trad 25m
11 Zaphod Beeblebrox 23Trad 25m
12 Heart of Gold 20Trad 25m
13 Golden Edge 16Trad 20m
14 Pete's Corner 9Trad 37m
15 * Gherkin 12Trad 32m
16 ** Dihedral Corner 13Trad 30m
17 *** Mindbender 19Trad 35m
18 Mad Dogs 19Trad 25m
19 Cat In The Corner 20Trad 50m
20 * Exorcist

FA: Chris Larque and Richard Curtis

18Trad 50m
21 ** Reprieve 16Trad 32m
22 Idle Man's Pleasure 18Trad 50m
23 Dead Man's Arete

A vaguely distinct addition.

Start up Iddle Man's Pleasure to the big ledge on Necromancer at 10m. Step left and up the small arete and face, then up Necromancer to finish.

FA: Oliver Story, Marcin Pius, 2012

21Trad 40m
24 ** Necromancer 16Trad 40m
25 * Clog Dance
  1. Follow a crack-line up the nose of the buttress before veering left well around the buttress to finish up the obvious crack-line splitting a short steep wall (and easier groove above) paralleling Necromancer.

FA: Richard Curtis, Damien Jones, 1974

17Trad 40m
26 Main Street Jive 20Trad 40m
27 Swing 14 M3Aid 30m
28 Ugly Duckling 19Trad 40m
29 Doodle 13Trad 35m
30 Big Car 21Trad 35m
31 Fly Factory 20Trad 15m

1.1.2. The Boulder 7 routes in Area

All Trad

Long/Lat: 148.312055, -36.401986

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Sickleback 8Trad 45m
2 Resurgence 14Trad 65m
3 Warm Up 15Trad 64m
4 Chockstone Chimney 13Trad 30m
5 Cutlass 10Trad 60m
6 The Slab 7Trad 70m
7 Stag Gully 6Trad 50m

1.1.3. Grey Buttress 13 routes in Area

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 148.312384, -36.401363

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Short Slab 8Trad 16m
2 Blue Lake Crack 14Trad 57m
3 Crisp 14Trad 20m
4 Trojan War 17Trad 46m
5 ** Terrace Arete

FA: ??

19Trad 30m
6 Wooden Horse

FA: Richard Curtis and Chris Larque, 1974

15Trad 30m
7 White Heat 22Trad 30m
8 Tic Toc M5Aid 25m
9 Fluey 14Trad 44m
10 Bunyip 14Trad 50m
11 The Pyre

FA: Richard Curtis, Chris Larque, 1974

12Trad 30m
12 Division 12Trad 55m
13 Terrace Exit 6Trad 30m

1.1.4. Ampitheatre 3 routes in Area

Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: 148.314330, -36.400619

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Last Minute

Mike tried unsuccessfully to onsite this line 20 years ago. This time he made an abseil inspection, placed a runner or two and was able to complete the climb.

This route and SAP are located on a small buttress down low in the amphitheatre. The Last Minute is the central, more prominent crack; SAP the right-hand thinner crack.

FA: Mike Law-Smith, 2011

21Trad 12m
2 Short A Piton

Presently the hardest climb at Blue Lake. The right hard crack next to The Last Minute. Pre-placed pitons used to protect the middle section and to stand on hence the grade M0

FA: Oliver Story, Marcin Pius, 2012

24 A0Trad 6m
3 Inspiration 12Unknown 46m

1.2. Club Lake 2 routes in Area

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 148.291251, -36.412308

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Boomerang 10Unknown 45m
2 Slab-Diagonal 11Unknown 50m

1.3. Mount Clarke 2 routes in Area

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 148.295287, -36.432458

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Pioneer Slab 8Unknown 50m
2 Nihil 12Unknown 40m

1.4. Mount Townsend 2 routes in Area

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 148.258688, -36.423465

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Zig Zag 16Unknown 60m
2 Potholia (actually in Geehi Quarry)

FA: Phil D, Ben W, 2005

15Unknown 50m

1.5. Barry Way 0 routes in Area

1.6. Perisher Blue 13 routes in Area

All Boulder

Long/Lat: 148.405136, -36.396624

1.6.1. Smiggin Holes 4 routes in Area

Summary: Borderline Boulder 4 routes in Area
All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Spiked V0-Boulder
2 Numero Uno V1Boulder
3 SCB V2Boulder
4 Frozen Fat Five V5Boulder

1.6.2. Perisher 0 routes in Area

1.6.3. Blue Cow 7 routes in Area

Summary: Pleasant Valley 3 routes in Area
All Boulder Bullwheel Boulders 3 routes in Area
Summary: Hanging Rock 3 routes in Area
All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Top Hut Toss V0+Boulder
2 Ice Queen V2Boulder
3 Lunch Breaks at Hanging Rock V4Boulder Drive Station 0 routes in Area The Towers 0 routes in Area Pleasant Valley Ridge 0 routes in Area Terminal Lines 4 routes in Area
All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Have a Crack V1Boulder
2 * Poopoop Valve V5Boulder
3 Liftys Do It Best V3Boulder
4 ** The Day The World Was Frozen Solid V2Boulder Mt Blue Cow 0 routes in Area Summit Ridge 0 routes in Area

1.6.4. Guthega 2 routes in Area


Long/Lat: 148.376114, -36.376036


Located out the back of the beautiful Perisher Blue Ski Resort, Guthega is a bit of the old 'out of sight out of mind'. Just like the rest of the Snowy Mountains, Guthega is full of granite just waiting to be bouldered and climbed on.

The lodges at Guthega are for members only but there is one place you can rent a room at and that's Guthega Hotel.


Drive out of Jindabyne and head south towards Perisher. Don't forget that when entering Kosciusko National Park you'll have to pay an entry fee but if you're coming down for the snow you'd already know that. Drive up the mountain and pass The Ski Rider Lodge. Continue for approx 10 minutes past the Ski Rider and you'll see the right hand turn for Guthega. Ensure that if you DON'T own a 4x4 that you have snow chains ready to put on as this road can become quite risky when the snows pounding away. The road will turn to dirt (mud) then to tar again once you start to approach the Guthega Ski Terminal.


Initially a large camp of tents for the hard workers establishing the Snowy Mountain River Hydro Scheme, Guthega eventually became an amazing location for the avid snow lover. Lodges were built for the workers and then over the years they were upgraded until they became what we see today.

An amazing location isolated from the mainstream throngs filling the snow fields. Dam Boulderers 2 routes in Boulder
All Boulder

Long/Lat: 148.370361, -36.378398


For those of you who love the snow don't be concerned about missing your love of the rock. Guthega offers several bouldering problems for when the snow is knee high and the slopes are only worthy of being in a 7 Eleven slurpy machine. This piece of granite is the first to be exposed during the snow season and gets a healthy dose of the sun for most of the day so you'll find it dry enough to boulder on.

No need to bring your crash pad, mother nature will provide an extensive cover of snow to break any falls.


Put on your snow shoes, grab your bouldering gear and follow the road heading down from the car park at the Guthega Terminal that heads to the dam.

Make your way over to the far side of the Guthega Dam walkway and on your right you'll find a metal pole secured to the side of some granite just to the left of the Guthega Dam Spillway sign. This is where the fun is found, as limited as it is.

If you have access to a sled it'd be a good idea to bring it along so you can have a dry surface to put your pack and other items on that you wish to keep off the snow.

The overhead topo for this crag doesn't want to show the true location. Cross the dam wall and the rock can be located approx 20 metres to the left of where the topo on this page shows it to be.


This piece of granite is seen by every Tom, Dick and Harry who skis/boards past it when they're heading to and from the back country.

Brendon Flanagan had noticed over the years from the dining room of Tate Ski Lodge that this piece of granite always appears first at the thawing of the snow, exposing some potential problems. in August 2013 he decided to make his way over there and put some problems up.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Cold Finger

A good problem to start on for some fun and a bit of warming up. Start 1 metre to the left of SOMCS.

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 2013

FA: Brendon Flanagan, 2013

V0Boulder 4m
2 Snow On My Climbing Shoes / We Be Famous Dave!

Start on the left of the two parallel flakes. Using the left flake only for your feet AND hands, make your way up to the overhanging boulder and commit to the top out.

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 2013

FA: Brendon Flanagan, 2013

V1Boulder 4m

1.7. Jindabyne 6 routes in Area

All Boulder

Long/Lat: 148.614715, -36.422798

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Tummy Rub

FA: Chris Monk

2 Bananarama

FA: Lindsay Barkley, 2007

3 Another Monday at the Office

FA: Lindsay Barkley, 2007

4 Hissing Machines

FA: Lindsay Barkley, 2009

5 Spawn of Satan

FA: Lindsay Barkley, 2008

6 Traverse V0Boulder

1.7.1. Lake side boulders 0 routes in Area

1.8. Ramshead Range 1 route in Unknown

All Ice

Long/Lat: 148.257793, -36.492972


The Ramshead Range is part of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. It extends from Dead Horse Gap in the south (near the New South Wales-Victoria state border) towards Thredbo. It is not far south of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mainland point in Australia. The peaks of the range are around 2,100 m in altitude and the range is generally covered in snow from June through to October, making it suitable for winter climbing. The range is most commonly accessed from Dead Horse Gap or by the Kosciuszko Express Quad Chair at Thredbo. The number of peaks in the Ramshead Range is debatable: however it is commonly accepted that the South Ramshead, the Ramshead proper and the North Ramshead are all proper peaks. The peak between Ramshead and North Ramshead is sometimes known as the 'Central' Ramshead.

1.8.1. Lookout Area 1 route in Cliff


Long/Lat: 148.277364, -36.483913

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Double Helix

Up the left side of the prominent buttress, sticking to the harder ice/snow. traverse across the top of the butress on the tiny shoulder and up the headwall past poor pro.

Bring snowstakes, nuts a few cams and maybe a selection of pitons.


FA: James Bultitude, Sam May, Matt Hamlyn, 2012

M3Ice 30m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
6 Stag Gully Trad 50m 1.1.2. The Boulder
Terrace Exit Trad 30m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
7 Entrenched Trad 25m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
The Slab Trad 70m 1.1.2. The Boulder
8 Pad Nag Left Hand Variant Trad 20m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Turdus Trad 32m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Sickleback Trad 45m 1.1.2. The Boulder
Short Slab Trad 16m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
Pioneer Slab Unknown 50m 1.3. Mount Clarke
9 Medoc Trad 32m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Pad Nag Trad 40m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Pete's Corner Trad 37m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
10 Frigga Trad 25m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Cutlass Trad 60m 1.1.2. The Boulder
Boomerang Unknown 45m 1.2. Club Lake
11 Slab-Diagonal Unknown 50m 1.2. Club Lake
12 * Gherkin Trad 32m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Division Trad 55m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
The Pyre Trad 30m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
Inspiration Unknown 46m 1.1.4. Ampitheatre
Nihil Unknown 40m 1.3. Mount Clarke
13 ** Dihedral Corner Trad 30m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Doodle Trad 35m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Chockstone Chimney Trad 30m 1.1.2. The Boulder
V0- Spiked Boulder Borderline Boulder
14 Grappler Trad 32m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Necktie Trad 120m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Resurgence Trad 65m 1.1.2. The Boulder
Blue Lake Crack Trad 57m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
Bunyip Trad 50m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
Crisp Trad 20m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
Fluey Trad 44m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
14 M3 Swing Aid 30m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
15 Warm Up Trad 64m 1.1.2. The Boulder
Wooden Horse Trad 30m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
Potholia (actually in Geehi Quarry) Unknown 50m 1.4. Mount Townsend
V0 Cold Finger Boulder 4m Dam Boulderers
Traverse Boulder 1.7. Jindabyne
16 Golden Edge Trad 20m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
** Necromancer Trad 40m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
** Reprieve Trad 32m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Zig Zag Unknown 60m 1.4. Mount Townsend
17 * Clog Dance Trad 40m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Trojan War Trad 46m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
V0+ Top Hut Toss Boulder Hanging Rock
18 * Exorcist Trad 50m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Idle Man's Pleasure Trad 50m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
19 Mad Dogs Trad 25m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
*** Mindbender Trad 35m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Ugly Duckling Trad 40m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
** Terrace Arete Trad 30m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
V1 Numero Uno Boulder Borderline Boulder
Have a Crack Boulder Terminal Lines
Snow On My Climbing Shoes Boulder 4m Dam Boulderers
Bananarama Boulder 1.7. Jindabyne
20 Cat In The Corner Trad 50m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Fly Factory Trad 15m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Heart of Gold Trad 25m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Main Street Jive Trad 40m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Pooch Wall Trad 25m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
V2 SCB Boulder Borderline Boulder
Ice Queen Boulder Hanging Rock
** The Day The World Was Frozen Solid Boulder Terminal Lines
Another Monday at the Office Boulder 1.7. Jindabyne
21 Big Car Trad 35m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
Dead Man's Arete Trad 40m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
The Last Minute Trad 12m 1.1.4. Ampitheatre
22 White Heat Trad 30m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress
V3 Liftys Do It Best Boulder Terminal Lines
Spawn of Satan Boulder 1.7. Jindabyne
23 Zaphod Beeblebrox Trad 25m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
V4 Lunch Breaks at Hanging Rock Boulder Hanging Rock
Hissing Machines Boulder 1.7. Jindabyne
Tummy Rub Boulder 1.7. Jindabyne
24 A0 Short A Piton Trad 6m 1.1.4. Ampitheatre
V5 Frozen Fat Five Boulder Borderline Boulder
* Poopoop Valve Boulder Terminal Lines
? Grappler Direct Finish Trad 15m 1.1.1. Elephant Buttress
M3 Double Helix Ice 30m 1.8.1. Lookout Area
M5 Tic Toc Aid 25m 1.1.3. Grey Buttress