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Table of contents

1. Backslapper Wall 20 routes in Crag

Mostly Deep Water

Long/Lat: 138.213601, -35.511258

Description:© (ajkclay)

The popular diving cliff face at Second Valley.

Useful Info: Park in the Second Valley car park and head down the jetty to the exit steps that head along the cliff edge left. follow the beach along the path and up over the small incline to the diving cliff and the cave.

Approach:© (ajkclay)

Second Valley.


This wall was first utilised as a deep water soloing location in January 2005 by Megan Wilks (now Cree), Tom Cree, Quang Doan and Adam Clay. A long-time favourite spot for cliff divers and scuba enthusiasts the first few climbing outings drew considerable interest from fishermen and swimmers.

It derives its name from the route Backslapper which was so-named following a massive back-slap fall from the top by Tom Cree who came off while repeating his heel hook finish of the route.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Razor Fish

Actually situated on the overhanging wall encountered as you walk to Backslapper Wall. Start below the overhanging western side of the inlet, move up to a Razor Fish-shaped RH hold, pull up left on good horizontal flake then up R onto VERY SHARP rock. If you slip here it will cut you very badly (just ask Tom Cree). on up to easy finish.

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

22 Boulder 9m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 Top Traverse

An easier (but more serious if you fall) option for traversing around to the wall. Start level with the horizontals on High Enough's slab and continue through finishing at the top of Frogman.

FA: Tom Cree, 2005

13 DWS 20m
3 * Pastey Chalk

FA: Fred Dyer, Mike Dixon, 2008

V1 DWS 4m
4 She-Almost-Didn't-Do-It

A fun way to start. Traverse the line below High Enough's smooth slab past the cave mouth and finishing at the platform right of The Frogman Cometh.

FA: Megan Wilks, 2005

16 DWS 20m
5 High Enough

Start in the water below the slab left of the cave. Go straight up and onto the slab, continuing to the walk-off at the top.

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

23 DWS 25m
6 Pink Taffetta With Puffy Sleeves

Only at low tide. Just inside the cave, locate the undercling, pull on using this up to a right hand 2 finger pocket, then up to finish at horizontal. Sharp barnacles make it serious if you slip.

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

22 DWS 4m
7 * Shark Bait

Worth doing for the surroundings. Swim into the cave and continue in until you see an arch, below this look for a niche between two rounded and barnacled outcrops on the left. Thrutch your way up, trying not to take off enough skin to arouse attention.

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

20 DWS 4m
8 ** Irresistible Surge

The obvious diagonal line rising out of the water at the mouth of the cave. Begin right at the point where the line meets the water and continue traversing and progressing diagonally upwards with the line until you are able to move up shortly after the line finishes and up 'Frogman'.

Feet are difficult to find at times (underwater) and also following the line below the overhang.

Hard to grade, but it's hard, and even harder when a moderate swell is lifting you then pulling you back down.

FFA: Adam Clay, 2012

FA: Adam Clay, 2012

27 DWS 8m
9 The Frogman Cometh

The first route done here. Start in the water after the diagonal edges leading out right from the cave. Follow the slightly overhanging wall up on right handed pockets to some good holds.

FA: Tom Cree, 2005

19 DWS 10m
10 High Diver

An extension route to The Frogman Cometh, this route continues up to the diving ledge at approximately 15m. A fall near the top would be quite serious as the route is not consistently overhung and has a sharp finish.

FA: Adam Clay, 2007

17 DWS 17m
11 The Bob

Start in the water, then up the easy corner right of Frogman, finishes at the comfy ledge, which you can then jump from.

FA: Megan Wilks, 2005

11 DWS 10m
12 Going Down Reluctantly

Right hand traverse route that starts halfway up The Bob and continues around through the bulge and finishes around the arete on easy ground.

FA: Megan Wilks, 2005

15 DWS 9m
13 But I Don't Want To

FA: Tom Cree, 2005

10 DWS 9m
14 * Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Starts in the water and continues up through the very rough section of rock, then up the arete above to the walk-off for an easy finish in an exposed setting.

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

17 DWS 25m
15 Sarah Michelle Gellar

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

19 DWS 10m
16 * Backslapper

(grade 20 if you heel hook) Starts in the water and below the overhanging wall left of the obvious corner and crack at the RH end. Go straight up avoiding the arete. Careful! A slip at the top can hurt! (as Tom found out)

FA: Tom Cree, 2005

19 DWS 10m
17 Don't Touch Aunties Wet Crack

Climb the obvious corner with the crack towards the RH end of the wall corner using whatever holds you can find, without paying particular attention to the crack.

FA: Quang Doan, 2005

12 DWS 10m
18 Aunties Wet Crack

A lot more fun than Avoiding. Start in the water, pull onto the wall, then use only the cracks, first laying back right then left, to progress to the top.

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

15 DWS 10m
19 Salute The Sun

Start in the water at the far right of the wall, then up the arete, through a small bulge and then to the top on easy holds.

FA: Adam Clay, 2005

10 DWS 12m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
20 The water's edge

Start at the water's edge on the far right side of the wall, pull yourself out of the water and traverse left under the overhang to the bottom of backslapper, then follow backslapper route up to the cliff top. Wet hands make this a touch tricky.

FFA: Michael Branch, 2013

FA: Michael Branch, 2013

19 DWS 12m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
10 But I Don't Want To DWS 9m
Salute The Sun DWS 12m
11 The Bob DWS 10m
12 Don't Touch Aunties Wet Crack DWS 10m
13 Top Traverse DWS 20m
15 Aunties Wet Crack DWS 10m
Going Down Reluctantly DWS 9m
16 She-Almost-Didn't-Do-It DWS 20m
17 High Diver DWS 17m
* Rime Of The Ancient Mariner DWS 25m
19 * Backslapper DWS 10m
Sarah Michelle Gellar DWS 10m
The Frogman Cometh DWS 10m
The water's edge DWS 12m
V1 * Pastey Chalk DWS 4m
20 * Shark Bait DWS 4m
22 Pink Taffetta With Puffy Sleeves DWS 4m
Razor Fish Boulder 9m
23 High Enough DWS 25m
27 ** Irresistible Surge DWS 8m