Topo #1390

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 Top Traverse

An easier (but more serious if you fall) option for traversing around to the wall. Start level with the horizontals on High Enough's slab and continue through finishing at the top of Frogman.

13 DWS 20m Unlink route
4 She-Almost-Didn't-Do-It

A fun way to start. Traverse the line below High Enough's smooth slab past the cave mouth and finishing at the platform right of The Frogman Cometh.

16 DWS 20m Unlink route
9 The Frogman Cometh

The first route done here. Start in the water after the diagonal edges leading out right from the cave. Follow the slightly overhanging wall up on right handed pockets to some good holds.

19 DWS 10m Unlink route
10 High Diver

An extension route to The Frogman Cometh, this route continues up to the diving ledge at approximately 15m. A fall near the top would be quite serious as the route is not consistently overhung and has a sharp finish.

17 DWS 17m Unlink route
11 The Bob

Start in the water, then up the easy corner right of Frogman, finishes at the comfy ledge, which you can then jump from.

11 DWS 10m Unlink route
12 Going Down Reluctantly

Right hand traverse route that starts halfway up The Bob and continues around through the bulge and finishes around the arete on easy ground.

15 DWS 9m Unlink route
13 But I Don't Want To
10 DWS 9m Unlink route
14 * Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Starts in the water and continues up through the very rough section of rock, then up the arete above to the walk-off for an easy finish in an exposed setting.

17 DWS 25m Unlink route
15 Sarah Michelle Gellar
19 DWS 10m Unlink route
16 * Backslapper

(grade 20 if you heel hook) Starts in the water and below the overhanging wall left of the obvious corner and crack at the RH end. Go straight up avoiding the arete. Careful! A slip at the top can hurt! (as Tom found out)

19 DWS 10m Unlink route
17 Don't Touch Aunties Wet Crack

Climb the obvious corner with the crack towards the RH end of the wall corner using whatever holds you can find, without paying particular attention to the crack.

12 DWS 10m Unlink route
18 Aunties Wet Crack

A lot more fun than Avoiding. Start in the water, pull onto the wall, then use only the cracks, first laying back right then left, to progress to the top.

15 DWS 10m Unlink route
19 Salute The Sun

Start in the water at the far right of the wall, then up the arete, through a small bulge and then to the top on easy holds.

10 DWS 12m Unlink route

Topo #3094

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Route Grade Popularity Style
20 The water's edge

Start at the water's edge on the far right side of the wall, pull yourself out of the water and traverse left under the overhang to the bottom of backslapper, then follow backslapper route up to the cliff top. Wet hands make this a touch tricky.

19 DWS 12m Unlink route

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