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Showing all 22 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Left Tit
8 Lorri's Line Trad 15m
8 Black Lace Trad 15m
10 Czeslaw Trad 18m
18 Nipular Ecstasy

up the face left of Kindacute, struggle over the roof with a small crack, up over the ledge to the mini forrest and finish direct.

Trad 18m
9 Kindacute Trad 17m
12 Great Big Stupid Melon Trad 20m
11 34C Trad 19m
10 One of a Pair Trad 16m
9 Thanks for the Mammary Trad 16m
9 Mammary Meanderings Trad 15m
4 Whalebone Trad 14m
Right Tit and Armpit
8 Aureole Trad 25m
14 Bobbi B Trad 13m
16 Bobbi B LHS Trad 13m
17 Flat Spiders Trad 12m
18 Back in Black Trad 15m
17 Riot in the Jungle Trad 7m
19 Dissolving Directions Trad 7m
17 Chalk-Eating Rabbit Trad 7m
18 Dark Star Trad 15m
21 Across the Xenaverse Trad 9m
14 Janet Planet Trad 11m

Showing all 22 routes.