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Rank Climber Karma
1 Ben Jenga 2,450points
2 Neil Monteith 780points
3 Matt Brooks 697points
4 Brendan Heywood 480points
5 matt brooks 175points
6 Marek 152points
7 Edwin Emmerick 102points
8 Paul Thomson 93points
9 Danger Innes 47points
10 Luke 23points
11 z_swander 19points
12 15points
13 Jason Nguyen 14points
14 George Broadfoot 13points
14 Nick Le Baut 13points
16 10points
17 Dave Hoyle 9points
17 Leith D 9points
19 Carlos 8points
19 Jake 8points
19 Aidan 8points
19 Jason Smith 8points
23 Rob Medlicott 7points
23 Adam Bramwell 7points
25 Samuel 6points

Showing all 25 climbers

Note: not all contributions may be shown here as some accounts are private and some information sources are not associated with accounts.