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Table of contents

1. Stonehenge 71 routes in Crag

All Boulder

Long/Lat: 151.742422, -29.840773


Stonehenge is a great bouldering spot with 60+ routes on some great shaped rocks. The rock is typical New England granite with lots of crimps, flakes and great friction. And where else can you park right next to the problem you're working?

Even though stonehenge has seen active bouldering for some time a lot of history isn't recorded so any feedback on history, routes, names and grades would be greatly appreciated!

Stonehenge is about an hours drive north of Armidale and about 5 minutes south of Glen Innes. It is 700 hundred meters north of 'Balancing Rock' which is sign posted.

The area is a recreation area complete with picnic area, barbecues, footy pitch, washrooms, water and a rifle range.

1.1. North-East cluster 23 routes in Sector


Long/Lat: 151.744197, -29.839514


Drive in past the buildings, after the water tank turn left and drive until there is no more rock.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** NE1The Nose

Up the prominent nose, easy but exposed all the way to top. Jump off NE2

2 NE2

Slightly harder face climb

3 NE3

Nice face climb

4 * NE4

SDS, to pinch, under cling and then smear to top right

5 * NE5

Start at horizontal crack, crimps and smear with good hold right at the back

6 NE6 Boulder
7 NE7 Boulder
8 NE8 Boulder
9 NE9 Rabbit Trap

Crimps up onto slab. Watch for rabbit holes when you fall

10 NE10

Nice crimps up slab. For bonus points try the no hands bridging hopping problem up just to the right

11 NE11 Ramp Traverse

Several mantle problems

12 * NE12

crimps, then verticle rail to top

13 ** NE13

Sharp crimps up arete then awkward mantle

14 NE14 The Wave

Jump to crimps, traverse right and then mantle

15 ** NE14V The Wave Direct

Burly SDS to NE14

16 NE15

V shaped match then slap to top

17 NE16

Starts at what looks like a chipped hold

18 *** NE17

Thin ledges to shallow right pocket, left pinch and then up to the right

19 ** NE18

Loose easy flake - choose your own adventure

20 NE19 Boulder
21 NE20 V0Boulder
22 NE21

Thin slab

23 NE22

Hard thin over hung moves


1.1.1. Nose rock 0 routes in Boulder


A large high boulder with a slight nose formation on its south east face. North face is home to a hard highball problem.

1.2. Central Cluster 10 routes in Area


Long/Lat: 151.741798, -29.841409


Drive into the recreation area past the picnic area and continue straight when the gravel stops. Follow worn dual track straight ahead until you see the concrete water tank ahead on your left. You are now in the Central cluster, boulders are south and north of the track.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** C1

Lots of thin sharp stuff facing the wrong way and then a nice cresent way up high

2 * C2

Has 'Gents' painted on the rock

3 ** C3

Start at flanged crack and reach up to cresent, don't use the jug to the right

4 * C4 V0Boulder
5 C5

Choose your own slab adventure!

6 C6

Choose your own slab adventure!

7 C7

Choose your own slab adventure!

8 C8

Choose your own slab adventure!

9 C9

Choose your own slab adventure!

10 C10

Choose your own slab adventure!


1.3. South-West cluster 18 routes in Sector


Long/Lat: 151.741198, -29.842433


After the building turn right and drive carefully straight south

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 SW1 V5Boulder
2 SW2

Glued on hold near top

3 * Moby Dick Traverse

Traverse crack from far right until left arete.

4 * MDT extension

At the end of the traverse grab the jug above the traverse line on the arete and mantle to top

V1Boulder 4m
5 * SW4

Awkward bulge

6 SW5


7 SW6 V3Boulder
8 ** Free Willy

Sit start low and left on obvious jug, move up and right through features to pocket. Continue right into crimps in dish, big moves up and right then mantle. Probably done a while ago.

FA: Alan Ezzy

V6 to V7Boulder 4m
9 * SW7

Nice holds, bad landing

10 SW8 V3Boulder
11 SW9 V1Boulder
12 SW10 V0Boulder
13 SW11 V0Boulder
14 SW12 V0Boulder
15 SW13 V0Boulder
16 SW14 V0Boulder
17 SW15 V0Boulder
18 * SW16

SDS with two shallow monos wide apart, up to cresent


1.4. South East Cluster 20 routes in Area


Long/Lat: 151.742173, -29.842608


Drive in to the recreation area and past the picnic area and follow road to the right. When the gravel runs out drive slowly through the grass to the south east. Most obvious boulder is the large boulder that is split in half.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 S4 V0Boulder
2 S5 V0Boulder
3 S6

Easy slab

4 S7


5 S8

Trend left

6 S9

Same start as S8 but reach right to jug

7 S13 V0Boulder
8 S14 V0Boulder
9 S15 V0Boulder
10 S16 V0Boulder

1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder 7 routes in Boulder

All Boulder

Long/Lat: 151.742212, -29.842586


The large boulder that is split in half creating 4 nice aretes to climb and some harder thin crimpy faces.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * S10

Pull down NOT out!

2 S10.1

Climb the left arete.

V2 to V4Boulder 4m
3 S10.2

Climb the right arete.

V2 to V4Boulder 4m
4 S11

Using only left arete.

5 S12

Using only right arete.

6 S17

Start looks impossible but decent further up

7 S18 V6Boulder

1.4.2. Mushroom Boulder 3 routes in Boulder

All Boulder

Very small short boulder that resembles a mushroom.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** S1

Sit start under the lip of mushroom.

2 S2 V0Boulder 2m
3 S3 V1Boulder 2m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
V0 NE10 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
** NE1The Nose Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE20 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE3 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
* NE5 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE9 Rabbit Trap Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
C10 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
* C4 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
C5 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
C6 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
C7 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
C8 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
C9 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
* Moby Dick Traverse Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW10 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW11 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW12 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW13 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW14 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW15 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW5 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
S13 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S14 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S15 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S16 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S4 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S5 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S6 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S8 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S9 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
S11 Boulder 1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder
S12 Boulder 1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder
S2 Boulder 2m 1.4.2. Mushroom Boulder
V1 NE11 Ramp Traverse Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE15 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE16 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE2 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE21 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
* NE4 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
* C2 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
** C3 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
* MDT extension Boulder 4m 1.3. South-West cluster
* SW16 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
* SW4 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
* SW7 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW9 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
* S10 Boulder 1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder
S3 Boulder 2m 1.4.2. Mushroom Boulder
V2 * NE12 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
** NE13 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
** NE18 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
** S1 Boulder 1.4.2. Mushroom Boulder
V3 SW6 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
SW8 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
V2 to V4 S10.1 Boulder 4m 1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder
S10.2 Boulder 4m 1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder
V4 NE14 The Wave Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
SW2 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
S7 Boulder 1.4. South East Cluster
V5 NE22 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
** C1 Boulder 1.2. Central Cluster
SW1 Boulder 1.3. South-West cluster
V6 ** NE14V The Wave Direct Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
*** NE17 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
S17 Boulder 1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder
S18 Boulder 1.4.1. Split in Half Boulder
V6 to V7 ** Free Willy Boulder 4m 1.3. South-West cluster
? NE19 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE6 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE7 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster
NE8 Boulder 1.1. North-East cluster