Topo #8317

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Route Grade Popularity Style
20 *** Lean Beef

Some of the best rock in Sydney. 6 rings crossing wall from right to left - then big move up final wall to double RB Lower off. Very reachy - or dynoy. There is a large loose block at the last bolt - take care.

24 Sport 15m, 6 Unlink route
21 ** Heavy Haulage

Start as for LB, continue on a direct line to the top (if you can). Either finish direct on DBB (carrots) over the top, or traverse at top to LB Lower off. Recently rebolted. GOLD!!

27 Sport 15m Unlink route
19 * Bruised and Scratched

A fun bolted wide crack that involves no thrutching. Bomber hand jam to start which almost immediately widens to an off-width corner. Tricky finish through the roof to finish. Retro-bolted but you might need a medium cam for the start or stick-clip the high bolt.

20 Sport 15m, 5 Unlink route

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