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This crag houses a dozen easy beginner routes you do not have to die for. A pleasant location and a couple of really nice things makes this a good spot for the bumbly.

Access issues inherited from Sutherland

There is easy access to all the sites with an average walking time from car to cliff being under five minutes! To get the Shire drive south towards Wollongong from the Sydney CDB or take the Heathcote Road if coming from the South West. West Sydney climbers can approach aiming for Menai. Alternatively, take the train. Some areas in national parks are off limits and permission may be sought for crags such as the Wok, Heathcote Bridge and Alford's Point.


located down in royal national park directly in line with cardiff street. cross railway line and head down goarra ridge firetrail, turn left after 100m down firetrail running parralel to railway line, follow this for roughly 200m to find the crag just on left.

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Grade Route
20 Monkey Madness Sport 6m, 2

start: under the roof.

A good thrash through the roof.

FA: david barnes, 1989

21 * April Sun Sport 5m, 2

left of mm.

heads through small roof.

FA: david barnes, 1989

21 Smirnoff Sport 5m, 2

Start: left of A.S

FA: Z. mann, 1989

18 Fungus Cruncher Sport 6m

Start: as for S.

Heads left around the overhangs. 2 B.Rs

FA: David Barnes, 1989

16 * Hey Cornflake Sport 4m

Start: Left of F.C.

FA: A.Le Gras, 1989

15 Mahamic Destruction Sport 8m, 2

Start: at right hand end of main wall.

FA: Shae Constantine, 1989


Start: left of M.D.

Directly up to horizontal break on B.F

FA: S. Pierce, 1988

13 Beginner's Flight Trad 10m

Start: at crack.

Up crCK Then right to break and up.

FA: David Barnes, 1988

15 Make or Break Sport 11m, 2

Start: As for B.F.

Continue straight up above crack

FA: David Barnes, 1988

19 * Grim Reaper Sport 10m, 2

Start: Left of M.O.B

FA: David Barnes, 1989

17 Iron Balls Sport 12m

Start: as for I.E.

Traverse. from 1st B.R head right to M.O.B then up

FA: Shae Constantine, 1989

16 * Incredible Egg Sport 10m, 2

Start: Below the orange streak.Excellent for the grade. Direct line passing 2 and small cams.


17 * Metropolis Trad 10m

Start: left of I.E.

FA: David Barnes, 1989

17 Lemon Curry Trad 13m

Start: as for F.P.

Traverse. up crack then right to M.D and up.

FA: Shae Constantine, 1989

13 Mark's Blunder Trad 15m

Start: As for F.P.

Higher level traverse. Up F.P to top then traverse right on jugs.

FA: M. Le Gras, 1988

16 * Full Pants Trad 10m

Start: below obvious crack through overhang.

Up the crack then through the overhang.

FA: M. Le Gras, 1988

19 * Ripper Rita Mixed 10m, 1

Start: Left 'Arete'. Cams and B.R

FA: David Barnes, 1989

13 Holocaust Trad 8m

Start: Left of R.R.

Up the wall through the overhang.

Take a largish cam. Take care- this climb has dealt a number of ground falls.

FA: David Barnes, 1988

16 Dragnet Trad 15m

Start: as for H.

Traverse. Up to ledge then head right to M.O.B.

FA: Kent Heffernan, 1989


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