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Grade Route Style Popularity Crag
The Main Face
8 Running Crack

First corner-crack on L. side of cliff.

Trad 10m
13 Maherie

'There are routes and there are routes - but this is not one of them. It will surely land on the packs in years to come'. Loose. Start about 2m R. of RC. Move up L. and scale loose rock to perch yourself on person-sized, loose flake. Continue up even looser line above.

Trad 10m
10 Solo Crack

Corner R. of Running Crack.

Trad 15m
10 January Crack

Corner R. of Solo Crack.

Trad 20m
14 Mossy, Too

Start in crack system just R. of arête between January Crack and Carcinogenic Cloud. Crack until arête can be gained.

Trad 30m
10 Carcinogenic Cloud

Corner R. of January Crack.

Trad 30m
16 Greg's Climb

Start marked. Corner R. of Carcinogenic Cloud. Crack and wall above.

Trad 40m
19 Falcon's Lair

3m R. of Greg's Climb is ledge 3m off ground. Boulder to ledge and climb corner to roof. Step R. to gain beautiful finger crack. Wall.

Trad 40m
15 The Rock Face Route

A classic climb and the first done at The Rock. Start marked.

  1. Scramble to corner crack which give access to R. sloping ramp. Climb ramp which runs to large ledge. Belay on ledge.

  2. Traverse L. along ledge and round buttresses to reach exposed eagles-nest-like stance where ledge terminates.

  3. From stance climb crack, then veer slightly R. to escape wall and face (crux).

Exposure is grade 15 on its own.

Trad 120m
15 M3 The Rock Face Direct

The Rock's original 'big wall' climb. Start marked.

  1. Cracks to ledge

  2. Aid thin crack which arches L. to join main crack/chimney line.

  3. Chimney-crack.

Aid 65m
13 Mossy

Start marked. Line of least resistance up mossy slab on R. side of face.

Trad 40m

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