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Climbing is currently prohibited at the Upper Terrace by NSWP.

Access issues inherited from The Rock

This reserve is 6 km west of The Rock village on Lockhart Road, 35 km east of Lockhart and 40 km south-west of Wagga Wagga off the Olympic Highway.

From 1st July to 31 December The Rock is closed to all 'Rock Sports', due to breeding Peregrine Falcons. A sign is put in place when the birds are nesting in this area. For more information check the NPWS website:

Climbing is only permitted at The Towers and is prohibited in other areas of the reserve at this time.


Continue up the Yerong Nature Trail towards the summit, on the terrace above The Main Face are two tiers, go to the top tier.

Ethic inherited from The Rock

Taken from the NPWS signage located at The Towers:

Rockclimbing and abseiling within The Rock Nature Reserve may only be carried out with the consent of the director-General of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Consent is given upon compliance with the Code of Conduct and completion of the Register book located at the base of The Towers.

Code of Coduct *Rock activities are only permitted on the NE rock face known as The Towers

*Parties are to be no larger than 4 people for rock climbing and 8 for abseiling.

*No new climbs are to be established outside of the designated rock activities area.

*Do not mark the location of climbs.

*Do not attach permanent anchor points to rocks, USE REMOVABLE GEAR only.

*Do not chip or glue route, brush or "garden" the rock face and avoid excessive use of chalk.

*Where possible descend via the cliff face to minimise erosion.

*Tread Lightly, keep to rocks, hard ground and established tracks.

*All flora and fauna are protected in The Rock Nature Reserve and must not be picked, harmed or disturbed in any way. Take especial care not to harm the Threatened plant Woolly Ragwort (Senecio gariandii).


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Grade Route

Ramble up R. side of cave, then traverse L. to base of crack. Climb crack.

FA: Robert Cowan & Andrew McAuley, 1989

Blank corner 2m right of WAR. Move R. at ledge and up corners (crux).

FA: Robert Cowan & Andrew McAuley, 1989

On the terrace above the Main Face are some interesting lines. About 100m from the L. are two good-looking lines. L. one is steep, closed corner starting halfway up cliff; R. one is saner version with a steep, blocky crack line at half height.

  1. 15 m Follow some moderate ramps to blocky belay a few metres R. of above mentioned lines.

  2. 15m Move up and slightly R., ignoring two hardish traverses L. Step out R. on to large, bottomless blocks below little crack through top roof. Step up and continue.

FA: Wayne Maher & Iain Sedgman, 1984


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