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Rank Climber Karma
1 Damien Brook 2,937points
2 Mick Sander 2,310points
3 Andrew Davis 67points
4 60points
4 Stephen Gordon 60points
6 Eric Hromis 55points
7 Brendan Heywood 40points
8 Timothy Wallis 24points
9 Peter James Thomas 15points
10 dave shuttleworth 12points
11 Angela Boyd 11points
12 Tim Haasnoot 10points
12 Peter John Outtrim 10points
12 Jason Selman 10points
15 11nato 9points
16 Greg Butler 7points
16 charlie 7points
16 Ben Mace 7points
19 Chris Ruskin 6points
20 Daniel Schuts 5points
20 Brad Dean 5points
20 wayne albert ross 5points
20 Andrew Oliver 5points
24 Leighton Modra 4points
24 Paul Slattery 4points

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