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4 Upper Terrace

Continue up the Yerong Nature Trail towards the summit, on the terrace above The Main Face are two tiers, go to the top tier.

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3 The Main Face

A great climbing area for a hot afternoon.

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2 Central Butress

Access to Central Buttress is easiest by way of the Yerong Nature Trail from the car park. Follow the track towards the summit, as the track becomes steeper it switches back a few times until the track passes under the The Main Face. Before passing under the The Main Face traverse right to the foot of the Central Buttress. This may require some easy bush bashing as the track is not obvious from the Yerong Nature Trail. Access to the Central Walls is either by traversing left from the base of The Towers cliff line, or by traversing right along the cliff line from the Central Buttress. Climbs are described from left to right; from the Central Buttress towards The Towers along the Central Walls.

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1 The Towers

The Towers is the North facing cliff line that is visible from the car park and contains the majority of the routes at The Rock.

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