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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Royalty Walls
16 Ayatollah Magoo

Around the corner and up the hill from Jack Of Hearts is a gully. This is the steep crackline on the right-hand end of the wall on the right side of the gully when facing uphill, about 1m left of Queensryche.

FA: Andrew Corlass & James Falla, 1986

Trad 6m
16 Queensryche

The arete 1m right of Ayatollah Magoo.

FA: Martin Lama & Hanut Singh-Dodd, 1990

Trad 10m
10 Queen of Diamonds
Trad 12m
14 QueensTower

Set by Grant Baxter, 7 Aug 2015

13 The Watchtower

Follow crack system diagonally left until small roof is reached / 'Queen of Diamonds' is intercepted. Then right again and finish up 'Jack of Hearts'.

FA: L Baxx, Grant Baxter & Stephen Baxter, 6 Apr 2015

Trad 14m
13 Jack of Hearts

The thin seam up the middle of the wall to the horizontal break, then up to a ledge and easily over the blocks at the top. Brass micro-nuts recommended.

Trad 12m
8 Corner R of Jack of Hearts

Unlikely to be a FA, but hey, I'll claim it until someone else does.

This climb has been upgraded from 8 to 9 in the 2011 Guide Book "ROCKCLIMBS AROUND MELBOURNE" by Glenn Tempest.

FA: .

Trad 12m
20 Regicide

Ridiculously run out to the first bolt. If your sane, you can protect the lower moves by placing trad protection in the crack of Royal Auto.

Mixed 10m, 1
17 Royal Auto

FA: Russ Crow, 1985

Trad 10m
17 Royalty Wall Traverse

Starts up "The Lazy Yak" until it joins "Lara". Out across wall past 2 BR's into "Megs's Misfortune". #2 BD Cam here then across wall past another 2 BR's then up to anchor. Large wires and BD cams to #2, or equivalent.

FA: L Baxx & Grant Baxter, 14 Mar 2016

Mixed 20m, 4
5 The Lazy Yak

Start around right of "Tree In A Crack" on horizontal crack below "Royal Auto". From here; directly up until joins with "Lara".

FA: Grant Baxter, Stephen Baxter & L Baxx, 12 Mar 2016

Trad 12m
14 Tree in a Crack

The thin crack just R of the nose leads past a tiny tree and moves right into Laras Knockers

Trad 15m
10 L.T.

Climbs face between 'Tree in a Crack' and 'Lara'

FA: Grant Baxter, 26 Dec 2015

Trad 15m
8 Lara's Knockers

The left of the two obvious trenches in the face where the path arrives at the crag.

Trad 15m
8 Megs's Misfortune

The right of the two obvious trenches in the face where the path arrives at the crag.

FA: 8 Mar 2009

Trad 14m
14/15 MM/B Linkup

Starts up 'Megs's Misfortune' until just before first bolt of 'Buckingham'. Tend diagonally up and join 'Buckingham' for second bolt and rest of climb. Take cams to protect crack and slings to extend.

MixedProject 16m, 2
19 The Royal Wave

FA: Grant Baxter, 6 Apr 2015

Trad 8m
5 Indiana Valley

FA: Grant Baxter, 6 Apr 2015

Trad 5m
Nature Boy Block
14 Camwalk

The obvious off width crack on the right hand side arete.

Trad 11m
16 Nature Boy

The shallow corner groove, just right of Camwalk. Marginal protection down low leads to a right leaning ramp/crack and topping out over some hollow sounding rock.

Trad 13m
12 Koala
Trad 12m
Gravel Pit Tor Area
18 Not (Quite) the Eiger

1m left of Opossum. 1st ascent Steve Monks Solo.

FA: Steve Monks, 1976

Trad 13m
16 Opossum

Prominent corner off width at the far left end of Question of Ethics wall.

Trad 13m
24 Chuck Solids

Finger tearing and bold, just right & around the corner of Mean Streak.

Mixed 20m, 3
26 Edging Bets
Mixed 20m, 3
28 Broken Dreams
Mixed 28m, 3
19 Blue Moray Crack
Trad 8m
16 Silver Knight

Good moves with good natural protection.

FA: Peter Lindorff & John McMahon, 1971

FFA: Joe Verbaken, David Lia, Peter Megens, Steve Pawley, Cathy Seccombe & Eileen O'Meagher, 1975

Trad 15m
24 High Voltage

2 FHs. Left of The Chuchu. From the second bolt, powerful span into the crack to the right and up this. Take wires for the top section. Trad anchor on top.

FA: Martin Lama, 1992

Mixed 14m, 2
10 The Chuchu
Trad 18m
25 The Razor's Edge

Right wall of The Chuchu. Start as for Oona Poona past its first bolt. Instead of stepping left and up as for that climb, move up right to the dish and second bolt. From here continue diagonally up right and onto the run out slab.

FA: Martin Lama

Mixed 18m, 2
17 Asylum for the Insane

Crimpy edges to start past 3 bolts, followed by easy ground through a jam crack.

Mixed 22m, 3
17 Can't Buy a Thrill

Quite a nice climb now with the addition of a fixed hanger down lower. Up the face on small edges in the pale water streak, past a fixed hanger and carrot. Finish up the jam crack. Double ring bolt belay at top.

Mixed 16m, 2
16 Blue Skies From Grey
Mixed 18m, 1
15 The Long Traverse
Trad 20m

Showing all 35 routes.