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Boulders on the beach!


Two stacks of sea side boulders. Plenty of loose holds in amongst the solid ones, due to salt expanding and contracting in the cracks, so pull off the loose holds and have fun.

Access issues

Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park gates are open 6.30 am to 6.30 pm daily. - Gates open automaticly after hours to let you out of the park.


Folllow cape pallarenda road untill you have entered the conservation park. park car near small bridge and follow track past bunkers to next bay over, then boullders are visible in the shrub near by. (keep the sea in view on your right and you cant get lost)

Where to stay



  • Take all rubbish home with you
  • Be aware of and respect all wildlife
  • Keep to trails where possible


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Started being developed by -Bryan Beattie & Kaspa Snoad, 2011


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Grade Route

up the left side arete then top out

Set by Jessica Hutch, 2012

FA: Jessica Hutch, 2012

V1 * The Gap (Alt Start) Boulder 3m

Start on cheat stone, both hands in crecent shape crack, Move feet up onto rock then start moving right, then top out in gap with slopers.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2012

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2012

V3 * The Gap Boulder 3m

found at the first stack of boulders. Sit start at bottom of crack, reach up crack with left hand, reach right hand to crimp on face of boulder, pop up to sloping hold in the middle of the gap, then top out through gap.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2011

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2011

*** The Road To El Dorado BoulderProject 3m

"Project" Sit start, fist jam and crimper, reach up to layback block then move up and left onto the face of the boulder, from here follow the horizontal crack up and top out in the gap.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2011

V3 ** The Birthing Boulder 4m

Sit start with fist jam and crimp grip, twist up to undercling layback, reach right hand up to arete, layback then reach to lefthand grip out on face, then follow arete up to top out.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2011

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2011

V2 *** Propper Table Manners BoulderProject 2m

"Project" 2m left of "Mud Wasp" sit start under orerhang with feet on small boulder, hand match on crimpy ledge, lift off ground reach up and to the left for sharp hold then swing left foot out and brace against rock, toe hook lip of boulder with right then mantle to top out.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2012

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2013

V0 * Mud Wasp Boulder 4m

standing start in dihedral move up using obvious holds then when you reach the horizontal crack move left then top out at end of crack.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2012

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2012

V0 ** Bearfoot Boulder 4m

Stars at "Mud Wasp" move straight up with obvious holds untill top out.

Set by Marshall Moore, 2012

FA: Marshall Moore, 2012

V0 * Jessica's Way Boulder 3m

Nice and obvious with a standing start and slopers throughout. located 1m left of Frogger

Set by Jessica Hutch, 2012

FA: Jesica Hutch, 2012

V0 * Frogger Boulder 3m

Standing start with both hands palm down in horizontal crack, step feet up onto rock, extend up to reach large sloper then top out.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2012

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2012

V1 ** Family Issues Boulder 3m

Found on top of the second set of boulders. Standing start with both hands on juggy ledge, lift feet up onto foothold on overhang, reach high and to the right for juggy hand hold, reach left for nice sloper (swing if your short) then high step with right foot and top out. BAD LANDING... make sure you have plenty of crash pads and a good spotter or two

Set by Kaspa Snoad & Marshall Moore, 2012

FA: Kaspa Snoad & Marshall Moore, 2012

V0 Ocean View Boulder 3m

found ontop of the second set of boulders, super easy and a nice view at the top.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2012

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2012

V4 ** Extreme Gardening Boulder 4m

found at the and of the walking track that leads to the beach large set of boulders about 20m in to the bush. on the far right hand side next to dead tree with branches cut off. stand start with small crimp and inverted side pull, step up into dihedral and mantle with left hand, reach for cresent shape hold, layback to right hand jug, traverse rite half a meter then top out with juggy mantle.

Set by Kaspa Snoad, 2011

FA: Kaspa Snoad, 2011

V2 * No.1 traverse Boulder
V2 No.1 Mantle Boulder
V0 * Bird song Boulder
V3 * Brolga Boulder
V3 * Jabaru Boulder
V3 * Wing span Boulder


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